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           The Kansas IAP endorses candidates who will win for America

           The IAP seeks candidates who stand for law and order.

           National IAP suggestions for serving as write-in candidate.

         Independent Americans stand for liberty, law and order under the rule of the law of the
    United States Constitution. We stand for the cause of America as understood and intended
    by those whose sacrifices have secured the light of liberty for us to this day ever since that
    bright beginning of the American revolution around those years of the Declaration of
    Independence of 1776.

           Francis Scott Key wrote what was to become our national anthem at the time of the war
    of 1812 when a British navel bombardment failed in the attempt to take down our Flag and
    overthrow our independence from British foreign rule.

           Americans continue to proudly wave the Flag of the United States as the symbol of our
    liberty and independence.

           The Pledge Of Allegiance  
       "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for
    which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

            Those who honor the above Pledge Of Allegiance and who would remain true to the
    implied oath of the pledge to stand in support of said Republic, are invited to join with the
    Independent American Party in the campaign for the preservation of the Republic against the
    evils that are inherent in the forces of democracy.

           In the republic of the United States of America, the laws of the Constitution were written
    to protect the rights of the individual to not become a slave to the voice of the majority. For
    example, in a democracy the vote of the majority will tax those who have and give to those
    who have not so that those who had not will now continually be encouraged to vote for more
    security through socialism. The majority might see that it is easier to vote for what they need
    and be a slave to the IRS tax system rather than to work hard to be free and independent.

           Before the politicians created the IRS tax system, most Americans took pride in working
    hard to take care of themselves and others who needed a helping hand. Charity was also
    totally in and through the churches and other non-government and private institutions. Now, in
    our day, government redistributes our money through taxes and invests portions of what was
    once our money into the corporations until the government now owns it all.

           We promote the understanding that the enemy of our liberty and independence is
    pushing the likes of the United Nations Agenda 21 controlled society upon us through a
    corporate controlled network.

           The IAP promotes the repeal of the 16th Amendment and the elimination of the IRS. One
    workable plan is to apply the Fair Tax and, then, eliminate all taxes through a new concept
    of tax reform .  

           Join the Kansas IAP for present and future candidates who will honor
    their oath of office to follow and defend our constitutional laws against all who
    break and especially those who even seek to overthrow the law.


           Join the Independent American Party for the great American cause of liberty under the
    laws of the United States Constitution. Join the IAP for the promotion and support of the office
    of the county sheriff for keeping constitutional law and order. Join the IAP for the promotion
    and election of IAP endorsed candidates. All interested persons are invited to call in to this
    Tuesday evening teleconference.

           The IAP supports and promotes our nation's constitutional laws. In doing so, the IAP
    educates and recruits local citizens in each county who will work to promote and support the
    election of the county sheriff who will stand up for the constitutional rights of the county citizens
    in accordance to the principles at work in the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers

           The Pledge Of Allegiance  

       "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the
    Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and
    justice for all."

            The Kansas IAP is looking for people who are willing to speak up on the issues and
    support the sheriff who is true to the oath of a sheriff to keep the law of the United States
    Constitution. Any resident of Kansas, who honors the oath for the Constitution, is invited to
    complete the Kansas IAP Membership Form and serve as an IAP member for the election
    of constitutional sheriffs.

           You may send completed Kansas IAP Membership Form by an e-mail attachment to or send by USPS mail to:

           Roger Tucker
           Kansas IAP
           P.O. Box 52
           Wellsville, Kansas 66092.     

           Membership forms can also be obtained and completed at meetings.

         Note: As we promote constitutional law and order we promote support to
                    accomplish the required Kansas petition process to make the
                    Independent American Party officially recognized in Kansas with
                    ballot access for all future Kansas IAP candidates.

                    As more people hear about the IAP support for county sheriffs,
                    more people will be found to agree with the IAP and to join with the IAP in
                    support of the Constitutional values of our American law and order.

          For national IAP party and candidate information, see the National IAP web site. Also,
    see the IAP YouTube channel .

           Until the IAP becomes officially recognized by Kansas, those who wish to campaign in
    Kansas as a member of the IAP must campaign as an independent (unaffiliated) and get
    their names on the election ballot through the unaffiliated petition process. Otherwise,
    candidates can run their campaigns as write-in candidates.

           Every office that is being voted for appears on the election ballot and, along with the
    names of the candidates, there is a blank place provided for write-in candidates. Candidates
    who choose to do so can be elected as a write-in candidates. Care must be taken to spell the
    write-in candidate's name correctly.        

           Consider the facts of our continuing national troubles regardless of which of the two
    major parties is in control. The IAP is a party for candidates who stand for our unalienable
    rights secured under the laws of the United States Constitution. We stand to never become
    ruled under any kind of Agenda 21 grid of control.

           Join the IAP. Support and / or volunteer in the petition process to get the IAP and our
    candidates on the election ballots. Contact

           Click here to donate to the National Independent American Party.
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