Promoting Alternative Energy Development

    Video 1 - Things to think about - It would be nice to know the
    truth and to have the means to publicly establish it for the use of
    a better world.

           Americans who know what our 4th of July celebration should mean
    are now realizing what it means to our jobs and economy when the
    citizens of our nation become dependent on foreign made products and
    resources for our needs. Recovery from economic slumps become
    more difficult when our public money is spent on foreign made products.
    This gives little benefit to American production jobs.

           What we see happening seems to be happening by design rather
    than by some accident of economics. Most of the citizens from all
    nations concerned were and still are against the free trade agreements
    that benefited only the international corporations. The power of money
    has talked louder than the peoples voice.

           Of course, we have elected servants in Congress who are wanting
    to do the right thing. There are others who bend the facts and present
    arguments of opinion that confuse and misdirect the issues so that very
    little in Congress gets accomplished to move our nation in the right
    direction. The result being that we are now where we are at.

           One solution to this is that we need more leaders in Congress who
    will do more to rally the American people to support and push for the
    correct actions in Congress.

           Through the means of petitions from constituents to the members of
    Congress and to candidates campaigning for election, we can create a
    growing influence on the important issues for the right direction of
    Congress and our nation.

           Americans who want to be independent need to support
    candidates for Congress who believe in the laws of our Constitution, all
    of which were originally written and adopted for the defense of our
    liberty. Those laws need to be defended, followed and honored as our
    supreme law in every instance. All alterations and deviations should
    have first been preceded by proper amendment of the existing law.

           Our nation was established for the purpose of being free and
    independent. We had the necessary resources to be independent then
    and we have them now.

           Any sensible American who knows the facts and score will agree
    that we need to develop a reliance on cleaner sources of energy and
    even eliminate other sources of toxic pollution. With the consideration
    first being the preservation of a toxic free environment, we need to
    promote all development and needed change in such a way that it
    benefits the opportunities for economic prosperity and independence.

           Knowledgeable and honest Americans are divided in being able to
    come to agreement that energy from the sun has the most effect on
    global temperature variations rather than man made carbon dioxide
    emissions. Divisions in agreement also result from the finding that signs
    of temperature increase on other planets have also been seen.

           One fact is certain, if the American people are prevented from
    making use of domestic energy and oil resources and become a
    dependent nation, other people of the world will control the means of
    energy and control us.

           If the American people succeed in keeping their liberty and
    independence, we will be able to lead the world in cleaner energy
    technology. The politicians with their business as usual leadership have
    led us into our present crisis that threatens our national independence.
    America will be able to regain its independence when the people take
    the responsibility for leadership in action and make it happen. Our need
    is here and now. We cannot wait for politicians or others to help us. We
    the people must make it happen.  

           Click HERE,  HERE  and  HERE  for interesting global warming
    related information.

           Only by America being energy independent and able to maintain a
    free hand in the control of its destiny, can America be sustained in its
    purpose to be the champion of liberty for all mankind and a source of
    help for people of all nations. It is through a foreign policy of fair and
    proper trade agreements that much good can be achieved.

           A top priority that we the people need to accomplish is to stop
    Congress from procrastinating the development of domestic energy
    resources. Without regaining our energy independence, we will become
    a poorer and more dependent people. We will not have the strength or
    the will to hold on to our rights that are written in the laws of our

           Business as usual cannot be allowed to continue. If the
    American people fail to sufficiently express a united voice on
    vital issues of importance to the independence, liberty and
    prosperity of our society, nothing will improve over the
    direction we have been traveling.