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         Beware of the Agenda 21 agenda against mankind's unalienable
    rights that too often manifests itself in elected government.

    Fellow Americans,

           When good people do too little, evil has its way as with the Agenda 21 corporate
    network. Join with the IAP in the great American cause for liberty.

           American patriotism and what it means to be an American are under attack. The
    attack comes from those who have no faith in God and in the right of the American people
    to have those God given unalienable rights that are enumerated in the laws of the United
    States Constitution.

           There are many enemies of liberty who believe in accidental evolution, or, bottom
    line, most of liberty's enemies are people who have no faith in hearing and keeping the
    word of God. As such, they have no proper love for life or for the Creator of life. They
    simply believe that if you and I are allowed to continue in liberty, we will consume earth's
    limited resources and be unsustainable for our future civilization.

           Those who believe that life is nothing more than an accident have no anchor for
    absolute truth or for absolute right and wrong. The only truth they believe in is whatever
    can work to serve their purpose. People who believe that our world is nothing more than a
    result of accidental evolution simply can not be trusted. Many of them believe that the
    success of population control, as with their various U.N. programs such Agenda 21 and
    Agenda 2030 that work for the overthrow of our constitutional laws of liberty, is worth any
    lie or deception that will fool the American people into giving up their God given rights.

           They think they serve a worthwhile cause when supporting United Nations plans for
    global population control as with Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. These are related plans
    to establish tyrannical control to accomplish their idea for a sustainable future, sustainable
    especially for the tyrants or ruling class of the population. In their tyrannical plans for
    population control, the future of civilization is a future that is being designed to replace
    the need for man in many tasks with robots.

           A very successful tactic of the enemy of our liberty is to enslave the people by getting
    them dependent on government administered socialism. This is a tactic in their plan to
    win the vote of the people away from their ideas of independence and liberty through their
    trust in God and toward more dependence through their trust in the government of man.
    Corrupt people work to win the vote of the people with promises of security through state
    controlled socialism. Such government programs of socialism, controlled and
    administered as they are by corrupt man, always become increasingly more corrupt.
    These programs are not economically sustainable for very long. After the economy
    crashes, it becomes more difficult to overcome their Agenda 21 plans for population
    control and reduction.

           We invite all people who believe in God, freedom and in our American constitutional
    law and order, to promote increased recognition and appreciation for our military troops
    and law enforcement officers who risk their lives to defend our rights of law and order.

           If you appreciate words of scripture as in Hebrews 2:15, "And deliver them who
    through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage", you are invited to stand
    against the fear that leads to bondage and stand for freedom by supporting our law
    enforcement officers. Without those public servants who honor their oath to keep the law,
    we get total lawlessness or tyranny.

           Call and join the discussion to promote greater recognition and appreciation for our
    law enforcement officers and military troops. These discussions are open to the public
    and recorded. Previous discussions can be heard on the web site.


           Phone:  1-605-562-0444
           Meeting ID: 7593779   Access: 5802355        

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