We invite all people who believe in God, freedom and in our American constitutional law
    and order, to promote increased recognition and appreciation for our military troops and law
    enforcement officers who risk their lives to defend our rights of law and order.

           If you appreciate words of scripture as in Hebrews 2:15, "And deliver them who through
    fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage", you are invited to stand against the
    fear that leads to bondage and stand for freedom by supporting our law enforcement officers.
    Without those public servants who honor their oath to keep the law, we get total lawlessness
    or tyranny.

           Call and join the discussion to promote greater recognition and appreciation for our law
    enforcement officers and military troops. These discussions are open to the public and
    recorded. Previous discussions can be heard on the web site.


           Phone:  1-605-562-0444
           Meeting ID: 7593779   Access: 5802355        

                    Our Choice Is Clear -- We Choose Liberty
         Our Liberty Is Made Secure Through Constitutional Law

    Fellow Americans,

           We, the American people, need to overcome the corruption that has infiltrated our
    political system. We can do it by voting for candidates who follow the standards set by the
    Independent American Party for IAP candidates.

           Every voting American is encouraged to cast their votes for liberty and support the law
    of our United States Constitution. It is the respect that the American people have for this law
    and for our nation's Declaration of Independence that keep us a free people.

           It is because of the American people's love of God and liberty, that the birth and rise of
    our USA has been marked with extraordinary progress. Our American heritage is a heritage
    of liberty. It is only as the American people continue to love God and liberty, that our USA will
    continue to be blessed with all appropriate and extraordinary progress for the general well-
    being of our people. That progress could even include taking us to the stars.

           It is because of the American people's love of liberty, that makes possible the fulfillment
    of the "American Dream", even as promised in Matthew 6 which says, "(For after all these
    things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these
    things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall
    be added unto you."

           There was a time when Americans created our national motto, "In God We Trust". For
    good or bad, there comes opposition to all things. By knowing and caring for what is true, we
    can stand up against the opposition that comes from those who corrupt the good.

           There are more reports than one referring to the time in 1959 when Soviet Premier
    Nikita Khrushchev made comments such as this to Secretary of Agriculture Benson: “Your
    grandchildren will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won't accept
    communism outright. But, we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you finally
    wake up and find you already have communism. We won't have to fight you. We will so
    weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands."

           This was a boastful admission of the Communist agenda to overthrow our laws of liberty
    and control our population.

           This same goal continues today in the United Nations Agenda 21 project. Agenda 21 is
    the new world order project for population control. The people who support population control
    promote it with the excuse of being in need to create a sustainable environment. Their idea of
    creating a sustainable environment means total tyranny over people including depopulation of
    many regions of our land that many of us have known of as home.

           Many different articles give warning that the IRS is a political weapon used by the elite
    to promote their own special interests such as Agenda 21. The Fair Tax is the solution that
    we need to abolish the power of the IRS and bring our nation back from the brink of political
    and financial ruin. Short of total financial collapse, there is no viable way, other than the Fair
    Tax, to put our USA back on its foundations. Those who seek our destruction will use every lie
    and deception to prevent the Fair Tax solution.

           If our US Government had been held to the laws of the Constitution in respect to wars,
    money, debt and so many other areas that touch upon our present environmental and financial
    troubles, much of the present pollution of our world could have been avoided. If our people had
    not voted for those politicians who fell into the trap of the Communist agenda to weaken our
    economy, much pollution could have been avoided. If our elected politicians had not voted for
    those trade agreements that predictably caused the loss of our factories and our people's
    jobs to nations that socially and environmentally oppress their people, much of the present
    pollution of our world could have been avoided.

           The American people are always concerned about the environment. We created pollution
    control laws for our means of production in order to prevent pollution. These laws are an
    expense to our factories. Corruptible politicians have been influenced by greedy corporations
    and by those corrupt special interest groups for the creation of trade agreements such as
    NAFTA that allow the corporations to bypass the expense of our American factories through
    the use of factories in other nations that care little about pollution and the welfare of their
    people. The corruption has created pollution problems that some people use as an excuse for
    the Agenda 21 project to overthrow our Constitution's laws of liberty.

           Contrary to those of us who believe in the Declaration of Independence's proclamation
    that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, the Agenda 21
    proponents believe that life is an accident in the process of evolution. They believe that
    mankind will evolve toward an unsustainable future without their intervention of tyrannical
    population control.

           Agenda 21 is being pushed on unsuspecting American citizens by changing project
    names and claiming some voluntary aspects of the project. However, it is only voluntary until
    the controls become established.

           Our independence and freedom from tyranny, as intended and provided by our nation's
    Founding Fathers through the laws of our United States Constitution, are under threat of
    overthrow. Special interest groups, with the same goals Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev
    spoke of, are working to tear down our society through policies that promote fear and poverty.
    They believe that people can be persuaded to give up their liberty for security. They also
    believe that liberty under our Constitution will not be compatible for a society that has been
    pushed so deep into poverty that the people will have little choice other than to vote for more
    dependence on a government that only promises help through taxes or, in other words,
    redistribution of other people's wealth.

           The IRS is a tool for tyrannical government that stifles our free enterprise and promotes
    poverty. The Fair Tax is a tax code proposal that calls for abolishing the IRS. Studies show
    that it would create a free enterprise and prosperity boom for our nation.

           The Independent American Party is dedicated to preserve American independence and
    liberty through keeping the laws of our United States Constitution. We stand against all the
    corruption to this law of our liberty. We stand for our right to live under the laws of the United
    States Constitution and to be free and independent from the control of the United Nations and
    Agenda 21.

           This land of liberty is in the midst of what can be called an Orwellian transformation.
    This transformation comprises an attack by certain special interest groups against our
    laws of liberty to establish the Agenda 21 new world order of control.

           Agenda 21 is the dream of evil people who are against the laws of liberty that are written
    in our United States Constitution. They accomplish much of their work through obtaining
    influence over corporations at the expense of the tax paying populations.

           This nation, the United States of America, was established through love of liberty, faith
    and trust in God. There are many sufficient examples of evidence to establish this as our
    great American heritage.        

           In a stand against the money and influence of special interest groups that have created
    the corruption in government that we face today, the Independent American Party is putting
    our political elections back into the hands of the American people through the work of citizen
    committees. Committee members follow set standards to choose the best candidates for
    elected office. This method intends to overcome playing the corrupt game of party politics and
    will work to run our elections as they were intended to be which is "of the people, by the
    people and for the people".

           The American people of our day are faced with a most important decision: Will we
    succumb to the forces of evil and the Agenda 21 plans for population control, or will we have
    enough trust in the laws of God and the United States Constitution to continue as an
    independent and free people?

           There are many Americans who have a heart of charity and support paying taxes to help
    people in need. The enemy of liberty knows this and exploits it. The enemy knows that through
    following policy that destroys our economy, they create more people living in poverty. More
    people will then have little choice other than to vote for more dependency on government.

           The appearance of corruption within America calls for American wisdom in patriotism.
    American wisdom calls for voting against those who, among other things, support the IRS and
    policies that are causing increasing poverty.

           One very good way for patriotic Americans to show wisdom is to stand up and promote
    more votes against the corruption. Stand up and promote more votes against the corruption
    by promoting the Repeal 16 Coalition for repeal of the IRS and the 16th Amendment. Stand
    up and promote more votes against the corruption by promoting projects such as the non-
    violent agenda for reclaiming America as called for by the Reclaim America Now Coalition.
    Stand up and promote more votes against the corruption by telling others about the
    Independent American Party and IAP candidates.

           The Independent American Party stands for life, liberty, law and order under our United
    States Constitution. We work to expose and eliminate all government corruption and to
    expose the corrupting influence that comes from special interest groups and associations that
    exercise control over invested funds. When people understand this corrupting influence they
    will want to elect candidates who oppose it and who will, instead, promote a pro-American
    influence that respects American independence and liberty.

           A study of city and state Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports reveals many
    sources of invested funds. People need to understand how government investments through
    private investment associations can have a controlling influence over a corporation. Those
    who control the stock of a corporation also have control over the board of directors. This
    controlling influence can even control news network bias.

           A real problem arises when government funded private investment associations are able
    to promote the United Nation's Agenda 21 goals of population control. This is the same as
    the old communist goals.

           How often do we hear the corporate controlled media on purpose, and perhaps even by
    evil design, refer to democracy as being the best kind of government? They never make
    mention of why the Founders of our nation created the binding laws of the Constitution to
    prevent our nation from following the fate of all the world's democracies.

           Because history has shown that all the world's democracies fall to the same fate of
    degeneration into tyranny, our nation's Founders created our nation to be a republic ruled by
    the binding laws of the Constitution rather than a democracy ruled by people who would vote
    for politicians who promise socialism and welfare funded off the public treasury.

           The Independent American vision of America is an America that thrives in liberty under
    the laws of the United States Constitution. To ensure that this vision is an accurate description
    of America and that this vision never fades away, the Independent American Party stands up
    to promote the principles enshrined within the Declaration of Independence and stands with
    America's patriots who believe in voting for those founding national principles.

           The hard core promoters of Agenda 21 are the same as the communists who envision
    the world under communism as being the next human evolution of society. They believe that
    the end justifies the means regardless of how evil the means may be. They advance their
    cause through propaganda, deceit and playing upon the fears of people who have not learned
    the value of living by faith in their creator.

           The American people who live by faith will not trade hard won laws of liberty that are
    written in the Constitution or the hard won liberty of their fellow countrymen for any promise of

           The American Revolution was fought for the right of the people to be independent and
    free from oppressive government taxes and controls. We won our independence then. When
    the people are free to abide by the laws that the Constitution was written for, people are free
    to either own or to donate their property even as a matter of religious freedom. Only servants
    of a devil would promote policy that creates more poverty and dependency on government
    controlled socialism or use government  force for anything like communism.

           The Independent American Party is dedicated to preserve our great American cause of
    liberty against the corruption. Corruption can be overcome when Americans stand united
    against it. This Campaign For America seeks to unite the American people under the laws of
    the Constitution for the freedom to own and control property without IRS oppression. The
    Fair Tax legislation, if it becomes our new tax code, will accomplish this.

           The unfortunate creation of the IRS has given politicians power to control and suppress
    free enterprise. It has enabled both the redistribution of wealth and the worst of what
    politicians can do in promoting democracy above that of the law of the Constitution.

           We have seen democracy at work in the fall of the ancient Roman Empire when the
    people became dependent on the public treasury. It led to the corruption and fall of a once
    free and prosperous society

           We have seen dependency through forced communism at work in why the former USSR
    followed Ronald Reagan's good advice to tear down that wall. On November 9, 1989, the
    USSR communist oligarchy caved to the economic reality of an oppressed society and the
    wall in Germany came down to let the people go to freedom.

           These Communists and evil people who promote the Agenda 21 project have been able
    to establish free trade agreements with nations such as China for the purpose of facilitating
    the loss of our American industry and jobs. They know that we are rightly concerned about the
    pollution of our environment and that we support standards for pollution control placed on our
    industry. This involves additional expense placed on our American industry.

           Unfortunately, these evil people have succeeded in establishing free trade agreements
    with little concern for the need of equal living and environmental standards between trading
    nations. The expected result is that our American industry cannot economically compete with
    nations that permit sweat shop labor and industrial pollution.

           The Communists and creators of the Agenda 21 project have very little concern for the
    welfare of people. Their real goal is for the power to destroy our American economy and our
    laws of liberty. By their evil design, we now have more people depending on Federal
    Government support than we have productive citizens working in industry. Such an economy
    is unsustainable and becomes subject to overthrow.

           They also support IRS oppression over our free enterprise for the poverty it causes
    through loss of industry and jobs. Fewer good paying American jobs means increasing
    poverty with more Americans voting for government benefits. Liberty then degenerates into
    tyranny under the forces of evil.

          If we continue with the present tax policy of IRS oppression on free enterprise, the growing
    majority in poverty will have no choice but to vote for politicians who promise to give
    government benefits. If we allow the IRS oppression over free enterprise to continue and we
    allow the laws of our Constitution to be forgotten and lost, our nation will fall as all the other
    world's democracies have fallen and are falling.

           If respect for law under our Constitution is lost and the American people lose their will to
    stand up for liberty and independence, there will be no wall to see beyond and no way for
    escape. The enemy of life and liberty wins to bring upon the entire world a time of great

           It is “We The People” who determine the heart of our laws. The heart is our reverence for
    the law of the Constitution. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Let it become the political religion of
    the nation.” As we honor our law, and as we grow in the practice of being one nation under
    God and serving one another in acts of charity rather than in being dependent on government
    control, our rights of life and liberty will prevail.

           Having been created with unalienable rights by the hand of God, we aim to keep our God
    given rights. We stand to celebrate our national independence and laws of our U. S.
    Constitution. Within our God given rights is included our right to reduce and eliminate taxes
    through a new concept of tax reform and to repeal the 16th Amendment along with the IRS
    through appropriate tax reform such as the Fair Tax provides.

           To help understand the new concept of tax reform and how all taxes can be eliminated,
    see document #2,  document #3,  document #4,  document #5 and document #6.

           The Fair Tax will restore lost freedom. It will put a stop to the IRS power of direct taxation
    and set us free from the IRS creation of different economic classes. The Fair Tax will stop the
    economic oppression over our free enterprise and enable our free enterprise to create many
    new American jobs. This will serve us well until a better tax plan is adopted or the new
    concept of tax reform becomes effective.

           The new concept of tax reform will serve to eliminate all taxes as a needed source for
    government revenue as described in the next paragraph.

           Audit the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) of every public owned
    and tax supported local government for the purpose of finding available funds that can be
    used to create a Tax Retirement Fund or TRF in every jurisdiction that collects taxes. Each
    TRF that is created will invest the available public funds for the return of profits to be used to
    replace the need for tax revenue.

           The rate of the Fair Tax can be reduced in accordance to the value of the TRF investment

           What reason might some special interest groups have in opposing tax reform that calls
    for the elimination of the power of the IRS to control our society and to oppress our economy?
    Consider the time of Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev's visit to our United States in 1959
    when the communist plan to overthrow the American people had been given some publicity.  
    There are several reports that refer to more than one occasion in which  Khrushchev said
    words such as this:

           "Your grandchildren will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible.  No, you
    won't accept communism outright.  But, we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism
    until you finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won't have to fight you.
    We will so weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands."

          Beginning in about 1913, the enemy of liberty had crept into our political party system to
    tax, divide, control and oppress us through the IRS. Otherwise, the American people would
    never have allowed themselves to become enslaved to the burdens of income taxes and the
    present national debt. Until we are able to stop this IRS direct tax oppression, the growing
    majority in poverty will vote to put the rich under ever greater burdens of taxation.

           The Fair Tax, when it becomes law, will end our present policy of IRS direct taxation
    which has continually oppressed our free enterprise and divides us into different tax groups.
    The Fair Tax restores our freedom from the IRS oppression and creates a free enterprise
    environment that promotes private investing into the many different means that can be
    imagined for the creation of prosperity. This will also create a renewed respect for our laws of
    liberty in our Constitution.

           All patriotic Americans cherish freedom and should hope to become free from the
    oppression imposed upon us by IRS direct taxation with its thousands of pages of regulations
    that benefit special interest individuals, groups and causes not all of our free will choosing.
    Some recognize this as a form of economic slavery.

           The following video is presented in support of the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax will put an end to
    the IRS arm of control over our freedoms.

           By virtue of our trust in God, our choice is clear. We vote for life and liberty. We stand
    for constitutional law and order and vote against the fate of all democracies that have not lived
    under the law of our liberty that we have been blessed with in America.

           Independent Americans encourage one another to become better involved in elections
    for sheriffs and all government officials who will support our constitutional laws and rights.

           The need to abolish the power of the IRS through tax reform is discussed in many of
    these Freedom Alert Bulletins.

           Even for those who might not trust the integrity of past election numbers, through public
    education our numbers will increase to overwhelm vote fraud.

           Join with the Independent American Party in the great American cause. Join for our right
    to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as intended by the Declaration of Independence
    and the laws of the United States Constitution. All who cherish liberty and oppose government
    intrusion to the rule of the Constitution, the rule of which enables us to keep our claim on
    liberty, are invited to stand with the IAP and our endorsed candidates.

           If an IAP group cannot be found in your locality, organize a meeting for the work of unity in
    the great American cause and for the promotion of our Independent American ideals of
    American patriotism.

           Patriotism for our law is the duty of every citizen. The patriotism expressed on this web
    site needs to be publicized in many ways including by word of mouth. Word of mouth can be
    aided through the use of  IAP Invitation 1  and  IAP Invitation 2. These invitations can be
    copied and handed out. They serve to promote important issues and invite support for the
    election of candidates who follow our Constitutional laws that put chains on tyranny.

           Stand with the IAP in the promotion of the great American cause that unites us as a free

           To make a donation to help accomplish the election of candidates who follow the
    standards set for IAP candidates, click HERE.

           If you will help or you know of someone who will help the IAP elect candidates who follow
    the United States Constitution, send e-mail to .

           You are invited to copy and use all of these Independent American resources. Download
    and use  IAP Invitation 1  and  IAP Invitation 2. Use them to promote candidates and the
    IAP cause against tyranny. Just hand them out to inform others about the IAP and important

           Everyone needs to be informed and encouraged to stand with the IAP against the
    political corruption of our American law and order. Stand with the IAP in the great American
    cause. Stand against the Agenda 21 new world order control grid. Consider serving the
    cause of liberty by volunteering to be a candidate.

           By working together in this Campaign For America, we can successfully overcome
    corruption. As we become engaged in this campaign and promote the values seen here and
    at the National IAP web site at, we can successfully
    overcome the corruption that threatens our life and liberty.

           You can become an IAP Precinct Organizer and/or IAP member simply by being
    proactive in our Campaign For America. You can also download and complete this
    convenient membership form. This form can be used by anyone and all IAP Precinct
    Organizers to help accomplish state party recruiting and organization.

           Join with the National IAP at

           Many people express feelings of being discouraged for America's future. They listen to
    news reports that come from every discouraging direction and then drop out of worthwhile
    patriotic action.

           To overcome this depression, we need to remember our American heritage and who we
    are as a people having been created by our Creator with unalienable rights.

           We need to understand that the enemy of our liberty and independence is pushing the
    United Nations Agenda 21 controlled society upon us through a corporate controlled news
    media. We need to understand our need to overcome those policies that have created our
    present economy of poverty with its loss of good American jobs by taking the action to help
    promote the unity of our people for the repeal of the 16th Amendment and the elimination of
    the IRS. One workable plan is to apply the Fair Tax and, then, eliminate all taxes through a
    new concept of tax reform .

           As Independent Americans, we need to live in the faith that our strength comes from God.
    We must truly recognize that we are dependent only on God as it was when our nation's
    founders fought in the American Revolution of 1776.

           God is surely working with the people of America to help us remember who we are and
    who we should trust and be dependent on. God is working with the people of America to help
    us return to the source of our strength as a united American people must be.

           In 1774 our nation's Founders recognized that they needed to be dependent on God in
    order to win their battle for independence and freedom. God was with our people to help us
    win the victory for our independence against what was seemingly impossible odds.

           It was on the date of September 7, 1774, at 9 o’clock in the morning, that the historic First
    Continental Congress convened to determine their course of action for the future of America.
    That historic meeting was opened with prayer after those attending agreed that it was more
    important to be united in the cause of liberty than by which particular religion prayed in petition
    for help from God. That prayer became recognized as the first prayer that was given in

           There are a few special words within that prayer that speak volumes on why this nation
    has been blessed and why our people have been helped by the hand of God against our
    enemies. Consider carefully these few words from that prayer:

           "Look down in mercy, we beseech Thee, on these our American States, who have fled to
    Thee from the rod of the oppressor and thrown themselves on Thy gracious protection,
    desiring to be henceforth dependent only on Thee."

           These are the words of prayer for the founding of this nation that must have been in the
    hearts and mouths of many. These are the greatest words of prayer that any people can give
    when given in recognition that our Lord and Savior is the only power that we can depend on
    for our life and liberty. When spoken sincerely in truth from the heart of the people, the result
    has been the help we have been given from the hand of God. When our people have humbled
    themselves in recognition of their dependence upon God, the miracles of God's blessings
    have made us become known as the land of the free and the home of the brave.

           That sincere prayer, from those who were the founders of this nation, to have "thrown
    themselves on Thy gracious protection, desiring to be henceforth dependent only on Thee",
    was uttered in hope of a sacred contract between God and our people.

           It has been regarded as a miracle that America won the battle in the fight for our freedom
    and independence against the world's greatest military power at that time.

           It was regarded a miracle when the people became united under the laws of the United
    States Constitution, laws that upheld the people's contract with God to be henceforth
    dependent only on Him. They created the Constitution to form a central government -- a
    central government that was to be bound by the laws of the Constitution under the control of
    the people who wanted to be dependent only on God rather than on a government of men.

           In God We Trust

           Roger Tucker
           An Independent American
           For The Independent American Party
           Campaign For America

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