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    FAB 120813

           Freedom From IRS Taxation Stops Economic Class War

    Fellow Americans,

           The Fair Tax restores to the American people important freedoms
    and rights that we lost when we came under control of the IRS and direct
    taxation through the 16th Amendment. The Fair Tax calls for Amendment
    repeal. Social engineers in the Federal Government implement their
    redistribution of wealth through the power of the IRS and its power for
    direct taxation. See this video.

           The Fair Tax eliminates the IRS direct tax system that has been used for social
    engineering and used to promote economic class war and poverty. They promote
    class war when they say, "The rich should be taxed to pay for the needs of the poor
    and for the needs of people who are dependent on help".

           The Constitution, before the 16th Amendment, reserved such needs of the
    people to the powers of the states and to the people themselves to exercise their
    rights of free enterprise.

           Regardless of what is morally right or wrong, the expenses of socialism have
    become unsustainable in our USA. Any unsustainable economy, without corrective
    reform to manage the economy, will destroy a nation.

           The Fair Tax stops the spread of class war that is promoted by America's
    enemies. Everyone will now be taxed at the same equal rate and applied only when
    the choice is made to purchase products that are taxable under the Fair Tax law,
    which are only those products and services that are new and intended for retail sale
    consumption. All the rich will now pay their fair share because they will consume
    more of the more expensive products. The poor will see an additional benefit
    because of a "prebate" that effectively eliminates much of the burden of paying taxes
    on the necessities.

           It is good that when the Fair Tax law becomes implemented, increasing free
    enterprise investments will take place to create the new industry and jobs that are so
    very necessary for a good economy and for alleviating and preventing much poverty.

           It is good that when the Fair Tax becomes our law and creates a booming
    economy, it will provide the tax revenue that is necessary for the Government to pay
    back what it has taken from the Social Security Trust Fund.

           It is good that when the Fair Tax becomes our law, it will give people the choice
    over when they will pay federal taxes.

           It is good that when the Fair Tax becomes our law, people will not pay federal
    taxes when they purchase used products.

           Many good reasons for the Fair Tax are promoted here on this web site and on
    other web sites such as See the latest United States Congress action
    on the Fair Tax legislation. See HR 25 and S 13.

           All of the many reasons for Americans to support the Fair Tax are good.
    However, the most important reason for Americans to support the Fair Tax is the
    reason that is the foundation of all the other benefits that will be realized. The reason
    is freedom.

           When we abolish the present tax code and replace it with the Fair Tax, we, the
    American people, will become a free people again and no longer oppressed by our
    Government's direct taxing power containing thousands of pages of IRS regulations.

           We will truly be free to seek and own all the fruit of our labors and investments.
    We will be free to claim 100% of our earned profits as being 100% personally
    controlled property.  

           The Fair Tax will abolish the power of the IRS. With the Fair Tax, the American
    people will no longer be under the control of the IRS regulations empowered with the
    power of direct taxation. There will no longer be IRS social engineering through
    direct taxation with favoritism or punishment because of any personal or group
    choices, choices that, rightfully, should be choices of action or activity that are freely

           Independent Americans encourage all Americans to remember what freedom
    is. Remember the great American cause of liberty and remember that all of
    America's freedom loving patriots have been willing and will always be willing to
    make sacrifice for the unalienable rights of their fellow countrymen.

           How can the following recent Government actions be considered consistent with
    the rights and free enterprise actions of a free people?

           The IRS Targets Americans For Purposes of Social Engineering.

           Political groups are targeted by the IRS.

           Congress has been seriously working on legislation that will restrict the travel
    rights of American citizens who are regarded by the IRS to be delinquent in taxes by
    $50,000 or more. Learn more about this threat on web sites at InvestmentWatch and
    at S 1813 and HR 4348.

           Many Americans will say that such a large delinquency will never have an affect
    on them. However, if you default on debt that you owe and are relieved of your debt
    for any reason such as in declaring bankruptcy, the IRS will consider the amount of
    your debt forgiveness to be income received. This income that you have received will
    be taxed.
           Independent Americans also are becoming aware that, when the Fair Tax
    becomes our law, individual Americans cannot be targeted by the IRS with the direct
    tax of the ObamaCare tax.

           Those who want control over the American people do not want the Fair Tax.
    They will twist any fact or opinion to discourage the Fair Tax.

           In the great American cause of liberty, it is "In God We Trust".

           An Independent American
           IAP Campaign For America
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