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           We all need to understand that the enemy of our liberty and independence is
    pushing the likes of the United Nations Agenda 21 controlled society upon us
    through a corporate controlled network.

           We need to promote the unity of our people for the repeal of the 16th Amendment
    and the elimination of the IRS. One workable plan is to apply the Fair Tax and, then,
    eliminate all taxes through a new concept of tax reform .

           Join the Kansas Independent American Party and the petition process to get our
    candidates on the election ballots.

           The IAP supports and promotes our nation's constitutional laws. In doing so, the
    IAP educates and recruits local citizens in each county who will work to promote and
    support the election of the county sheriff who will stand up for the constitutional rights of
    the county citizens in accordance to the principles at work in the Constitutional
    Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

           This IAP promotes the great American cause of life and liberty that has always
    been the heart of our nation's political union. Life and liberty secured by the law of our
    United States Constitution is the great American cause. It is our nation's political
    religion and the strength of our union.

           Those who agree with the importance of promoting respect for our American
    heritage and laws of liberty are invited to stand with the Kansas IAP and the National
    IAP in promoting respect and honor for our Constitution, our Declaration of
    Independence and for our National Motto.

           America's values are centered in respect and, as Abraham Lincoln termed, even
    reverence for the Law of our Liberty, without which we are subject to losing our
    Liberty in a slide into tyranny. In such a slide we might even be told it is democracy at
    work by those who would pervert the Constitution and those laws of our liberty. We will
    either have freedom by law or we will have oppression by and through a corrupted
    democracy under the influence of corrupt people, bad media and terrorism.

           The invitation is to every American to join with us to help promote our American
    values. Tell others about the IAP and the campaign for America. By working together,
    we encourage people to help preserve, support and celebrate our Constitution's laws.

           America, as a land of liberty, has been blessed with a people having an
    abundance of knowledge to interact with and to control our environment. Unfortunately,
    when men choose not to do right, they can pollute our environment and poison
    everyone's life. Some rebel against what is right. Mankind's technical ability to control
    his physical environment is often used for other than good purposes as is evidenced
    by the corruption involved in the support of Agenda 21.

           Honest people of faith and many Presidents such as George Washington and
    President Franklin Delano Roosevelt were not ashamed to express their faith and
    prayer for our nation and to prescribe the same for every American. It is in living by the
    words, "In God We Trust", that liberty will prevail against the tactics of any evil
    whatever it might be. Our one sure defense is to hear and follow our National Motto.

           As Independent Americans, we will continue to honor the laws of our Constitution,
    united in the American spirit of liberty and justice for all.

           Our choice is clear. Vote IAP for life and liberty. Vote against the agenda of the
    Agenda 21 control grid of tyranny and depopulation.


           In America, free trade between the states has resulted in prosperity in our country
    for  the greatest spread of wealth among our countrymen by percent of population over
    that of any other society. This is so, not only due to natural resources but, also due to
    people having their rights equal under the Constitution's law.

           Now, due to a free trade with nations that lack respect for people's rights, many
    Americans are losing jobs in competition with nation's whose people live under

           In our USA we respect our laws that call for our industry and factories to not
    pollute the natural environment we must live in. This is an added expense to our
    nation's industry. Those Free Trade Agreements allow products to enter our country
    that are produced cheaper in other nation's whose people live under oppression with
    great pollution and low earnings.

           Please note, Americans should support free trade as between our free states
    only when it is truly free by the standards of our state and federal Constitution's laws
    while also providing for a clean and healthy environment for all concerned.

           We recognize that some people's greed for profit has little regard for respecting
    the unalienable rights of mankind as protected under the laws of our Constitution. We
    recognize that this greed for profit has corrupted corporations and politicians.

           Those who respect the laws of our Constitution, find that many of our politicians
    have erred and have created the present situation in which our rights of free trade
    between our free and sovereign states are being overshadowed with corrupt
    international free trade agreements. Trade agreements such as in NAFTA, CAFTA
    and the WTO that give most favored nation trade status to nations such as China,
    have put our US factories into direct trade competition with corporations that produce
    products through the exploitation of foreign workers who lack equal protection of
    rights under the law of our Constitution. These corporate promoted free trade
    agreements were entered into in opposition to the people's voice by an overwhelming
    majority of the American people. The majority of working people in other nations
    involved in these free trade agreements, such as Mexico, are also opposed.

           Also, in opposition to the overwhelming majority of the American people, our
    federal politicians cannot break out of gridlock to accomplish the enforcement of our
    border security intended to control the illegal immigration that has become a great
    problem due to conditions of poverty in Mexico worsened because of our NAFTA type
    trade agreements.

           Also, in opposition to the overwhelming majority of the American people, we not
    only are seeing the integrity of our manufacturing industry being corrupted through the
    unpopular trade agreements, we are seeing an attempt to merge the nations of the
    world into an economic New World Order. In such a world of trade agreement, the law
    of our Constitution will be of little or no use because, our economy and standard of
    living will favor only those who feed at the trough of corporate greed for the cheapest
    manufacturing. If our Constitution's Bill of Rights can have no effect to protect the
    rights of people in foreign nations, then neither will this law protect Americans with a
    standard of living that honors the liberty that we won in the Declaration of
    Independence. We will be among the poor and at the mercy of the corporate elite who
    will control the world trade and economy without regard to our American opinion or

           Also, in opposition to the overwhelming majority of the American people and as
    part of the overall plan for the New World Order, we are seeing an attempt to merge
    Canada, Mexico and the United States into an economic North American Union. This
    merger is now taking place against the will of the people of all countries. Those who
    do this have no concern for the law and integrity of the U.S. Constitution. Much of what
    they are now doing, they are accomplishing through the trade agreements already

           The American people need to send a message to both major parties. From past
    experience it could be said that we would be a better nation to vote for candidates
    who the major news media tend to ignore.

          Further explanation to this reasoning needs to be considered and care needs to
    be taken that blame not be directed toward the illegal aliens since many are only as
    refugees in search of a better life and survival that is in no way made a less
    compelling need by the actions of the corporate exploitation of their homeland.

          A mess has been created in our nation by corrupt "new world order" politicians
    that "we the people" must deal with. The foreign trade policy that our politicians have
    given us have resulted in corporations being enabled to exploit oppressed societies
    whose people are without the benefit of living under the blessings of our laws of
    liberty. Corporations go to nations such as Mexico to exploit and exacerbate
    conditions there for profit, conditions that consist of either insufficient laws or
    corruption against laws which do exist. They call it free trade. Poor people become
    poorer and then come across our border by the millions.

          If our politicians had produced a proper foreign trade policy, conditions in
    Mexico could be much better for the poor people there. There would not be near so
    many illegal aliens coming across our under-protected borders in their search for
    survival and a better life. Many, however, are common low level criminals who are
    simply not welcome in their own homeland. Others are illegal immigrants willing to
    work for any better paycheck that is offered to them. They come into our country with
    the help of corrupt "new world order" politicians and special interest groups who are
    promoting profits for themselves and the corporations at the expense of our over
    taxed society.

          Now our politicians, who have given us our present corrupt foreign trade policy
    as in NAFTA and CAFTA, are telling us that our immigration laws, those laws that
    they failed to enforce, are broken and that we need to make room for these 15
    million or 20 millions of new people. These slick politicians also tell us that there is
    no political plot to create a North American Union through the merging of Canada,
    Mexico and the USA. Well, of course not. They would rather keep Mexico a land
    under the thumb of oppression and not have to deal with a people who know the
    blessings of liberty. Corporations are good at exploiting foreign conditions for profit
    and playing the conditions in one society against the other. When the laborers
    become too demanding in their factories, the corporations just pick up and move the
    factories to where oppression over the people is more profitable, such as in China.
    People who are not protected under the laws of our Constitution cannot be benefited
    much by the free trading corporations, they are only exploited for the greatest
    possible profits.

          To solve the problem, Americans need to stop voting for those politicians who
    voted for those bad foreign trade agreements. We also need to push for a trade
    policy that will not enable corporations to exploit the labor and environment concerns
    of foreign societies and then sell their cheaper produced products back to our
    American society. The corrupt trade policy can be fixed by an "Absolute Advantage"
    Trade Policy, especially with Mexico as further discussed as seen on this FOCUS on
    the issues.

          We need to go to work for the day when we get our foreign trade policy
    corrected. Through a good trade policy, we can encourage nation's to protect the
    rights of its citizens by similar standards as our Constitution gives us. Then we can
    have free trade as between our free states. Our jobs will not then be exported to the
    nations of those who exploit the poor and oppressed.

    In God We Trust

    An Independent American
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