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Defending Our Rights,
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           Become a Kansas IAP member and help the IAP support the law
    enforcement officers. The Kansas IAP Membership Form can be used by all IAP
    members for recruiting. In addition to the above link, you can attend scheduled
    meetings and ask for membership forms and information.
           When good people do too little, evil has its way as with the Agenda 21
    corporate network. Join with the IAP in the great American cause for liberty.

           We invite all people who believe in God, freedom and in our American
    constitutional law and order, to promote increased recognition and appreciation
    for our military troops and law enforcement officers who risk their lives to defend
    our rights of law and order.

           If you appreciate words of scripture as in Hebrews 2:15, "And deliver them
    who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage", you are
    invited to stand against the fear that leads to bondage and stand for freedom by
    supporting our law enforcement officers. Without those public servants who honor
    their oath to keep the law, we get total lawlessness or tyranny.

           Call and join the discussion to promote greater recognition and appreciation
    for our law enforcement officers and military troops. These discussions are open
    to the public and recorded. Previous discussions can be heard on the web site.


           Phone:  1-605-562-0444
           Meeting ID: 7593779   Access: 5802355        

           We need to understand that the enemy of our liberty and independence is
    pushing the likes of the United Nations Agenda 21 controlled society upon us
    through a corporate controlled network.

           For Kansas IAP information, contact the Kansas Independent American Party
    Coordinator, Judy Tucker, at .
           For Kansas IAP information and membership forms, contact the e-mail above
    or write to:

           Independent American
           P.O. Box 52
           Wellsville, KS 66092

           Our choice is clear. Vote IAP for life and liberty. Vote against the agenda of
    the global control grid.

           We need to promote the unity of our people for the repeal of the 16th
    Amendment and the elimination of the IRS. One workable plan is to apply the Fair
    Tax and, then, eliminate all taxes through a new concept of tax reform .

           The IAP supports and promotes our nation's constitutional laws. In doing so,
    the IAP educates and recruits local citizens in each county who will work to
    promote and support the election of the county sheriff who will stand up for the
    constitutional rights of the county citizens in accordance to the principles at work in
    the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

           Become a Kansas IAP member and choose to advance to IAP Precinct
    Organizer by completing a Kansas IAP Membership Form. This form can be
    used by anyone and all IAP Precinct Organizers for recruiting. In addition to
    clicking on the above link, you can also attend the scheduled meetings and ask
    for membership forms and information.
           As Independent Americans, we will continue to honor the laws of our United
    States Constitution, united in the American spirit of liberty and justice for all.
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