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      Stand Up For Our American Free Enterprise  Economy

    Fellow Americans,

           David Walker, while serving as the U.S. Comptroller General in 2008, said this about the
    unsustainable direction of our national debt: "The problem is that even though the deficits have
    come down for three years in a row, our unfunded promises for Social Security and Medicare
    have risen dramatically. In our total fiscal hole it is $53 trillion. That's $440,000 per household. So
    the problem's not where we are, it's not where we've been. It's where we're headed unless we
    end up making dramatic and fundamental reforms."

           David Walker described an unsustainable economy. He described the costs of socialism
    as being the basic cause of the unsustainable debt within our nation. Since his 2008 warning,
    the Government has only made our national debt problem much worse.

           The same condition of debt has always become the problem within every democracy
    because, when the people learn that they can vote for benefits that come from the government
    treasury, the politicians who promise the greater benefits will, sooner or later, become elected .
    Then, when the public treasury cannot meet the demands of the promised benefits, the
    government will seek its own survival and try to manage the collapse of society.

           When we speak about democratically approved socialism and the subsequent drain on the
    public treasury, we need to include the pensions that are negotiated by the unions of public
    employees. The seed money for these pensions depends on taxes paid by people similar to the
    taxes that provide the funds that go into the Social Security Trust Fund.

           No matter how much those who love socialism would like to have the American people think
    otherwise, no nation of free people in a democracy has ever survived as a free people following
    the consequences of the debt created by the public dependency on socialism.

           Those who love power promote socialism to put free people into government dependency
    and then crush them under the burden of an unsustainable economy. They would like to hide the
    fact of what debt is unsustainable and have the people think that the event of an economic
    collapse was not coming from socialism and that the collapse was caused by other reasons.
    Think of taking tons of money from the public treasury being used to bail out corrupt financial
    corporations that are described as being too large to allow to fail. Think of all the excuses used
    for taking tons of money from the public treasury. All a smokescreen to cover the fact of the
    unsustainable costs of the programs of socialism.

           The Independent American Party calls upon Independent Americans to stand in defense of
    the law and order of our American society as secured under the law of our Constitution as it is

           Our nation's founders established us under the laws of our United States Constitution with
    the intention of building a republic ruled by laws that would outlast the fallacies of a democracy.
    Whether this Republic survives, or not, depends, to a great extent, on our successful appeal for
    the vote of the majority.

           Our challenge is to express needed reform to the people in a way that will convince them to
    vote for the solutions that will restore our free enterprise prosperity. This is the Campaign For
    America challenge.

          Independent Americans place full reliance in the political process by which we are able to
    win the popular vote of the people to achieve needed reform. If we are able to follow the law to
    promote needed reform and fail to even try, then we join the ranks of those who do not oppose
    the failed policies of bad politics.

           Reforms are needed to rescue our economy and provide for the needs of millions of
    Americans who have become dependent on unsustainable Government promises of support.

           This Campaign For America calls for the following 10 reforms toward a more perfect nation.
    The reforms are for preserving our constitutional law and order, fixing our broken economy and
    putting America back to work.

    1)        Cut Federal Government spending to achieve a balanced budget without increasing
    taxes. Priority consideration should be given in providing for national defense and in
    achieving reform to unsustainable socialism.

    2)       Repeal the 16th Amendment, the Income Tax and the IRS and replace them with a
    pre-16th Amendment system of taxes such as the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax abolishes the IRS
    system of direct taxation. It is similar to a Constitutional excise tax. All the various degrees
    of direct taxes now taken from individuals, business, investments and capital gains will be
    replaced with a flat rate consumption tax on the purchase of new products and services.
    This will promote an expanding economy to provide the revenue and the time needed to
    establish all the reforms needed to fix the unsustainable economy.

    By eliminating the direct tax system administered by the IRS and replacing it with only a
    simple finished product point of sale Fair Tax which is a flat rate consumption tax, the Fair
    Tax will serve to bring back America's Industry and jobs. It will eliminate the Internal
    Revenue Service system of direct taxes with its thousands of pages of regulations for the
    government's social engineering that includes different tax rates on the income and capital
    gains of targeted citizens with controlling power over every citizen.

    Do not confuse the Fair Tax with a Flat Tax or VAT. The Flat Tax is still a direct tax
    administered through the IRS.

    The VAT or Value Added Tax is a bad proposal that would be an added tax at every point
    of production in addition to the usual IRS taxes. A VAT added at every point of production
    would increase the cost of production and become another embedded tax that is added to
    the final cost of the product. Both the VAT as well as all the usual IRS taxes that are now on
    businesses and corporations would be passed on to the consumer in the higher cost of the

    With the Fair Tax, all federal taxes will be up front and applied only at the final point of sale.
    There will be no embedded taxes to make the final cost of products higher. Prices will be
    much lower. The total federal taxes we pay will now be apparent to everyone who chooses
    to purchase a taxable item. Used products are not taxed under the Fair Tax.

    Since the Fair Tax is not a direct tax, it only taxes people if and when they choose to make
    a purchase of a new product. Those in the underground economy and illegal aliens who
    make taxable purchases will now pay taxes. With the Fair Tax, everyone will have an
    interest in the cost of government. More people will be concerned about controlling the cost
    of government waste and corruption.

    3)        Welfare and Entitlement Reform. Statistical economic projections prove that the
    ability of our government to pay what has been promised to the citizens of our nation in the
    various social welfare programs that include "Entitlements" and all other forms of socialism
    is financially unsustainable. Without real reform in the unsustainable programs of
    socialism, the law and order of this American republic could end in the most unfortunate
    and uncomfortable way. Those who understand this financial crisis know that when the
    unsustainable government debt hits the hard wall of economic reality, conditions of poverty
    will cause increasing hardship and civil unrest.

    The Fair Tax Act will restore economic freedom and bring back our nation's industry and
    jobs which, in turn, will provide the revenue needed to pay government debt and prevent
    economic disaster.

    With the Fair Tax, the taxing method that funds the programs of socialism will change.
    There will no longer be a direct tax on people. Therefore, for future recipients of benefits
    provided by government programs of socialism, there will no longer be a perceived
    entitlement based on a person's direct tax payments into a trust fund. All future benefits can
    now be based on need rather than based on a perceived Entitlement. Direct payments into
    a trust fund, that is susceptible to being robbed by government and used for other
    purposes, will be stopped.

    The Independent American Campaign for America calls for the reforms that will revive our
    economy enough to help people whose lives have been turned upside down by
    government debt and financial policy. The reforms needed to fix our nation's economy and
    debt problems revolve around the two variable factors of revenue verses expense. To
    change the unsustainable economy into a sustainable economy, we need reform that will
    reduce government expenses.

    Government's greatest unsustainable expense is the involvement in programs of socialism.
    As presently constituted, the Government programs of providing an economic safety net in
    the Social Security system is not economically sustainable. The promises made to the
    public can only be kept if needed reforms are made such as providing to the public good
    direction and encouragement for citizens to invest in private retirement programs.

    Also, the IAP supports a freeze on benefit increases and, where feasible, a transition of the
    federal provided welfare programs to the states and charitable institutions. Some
    exceptions will be to provide and maintain proper compensation for those who are
    wounded while serving in the armed forces.

    As Government expenses are cut, so can the taxes and unsustainable debt.

    4)        Repeal the Constitution's 17th Amendment. Repealing the 17th Amendment would
    restore each state's power to appoint the 2 Senators who represent their state in the
    United States Senate. In the democratic process for government that the states agreed to
    when our nation's Constitution was established, it was designed so that the people voted
    for their state's elected officials, for their United States President and for their
    representatives in the United States House of Representatives. They were not to vote for
    the 2 Senators in the United States Senate. It was the state elected officials who appointed
    the 2 Senators to represents the state's interests. To achieve and maintain the separation
    of powers, the state governments agreed to what has become known as The Great
    Compromise. This compromise protected the state's interests until the 17th Amendment
    gave the Senate body over to the forces of democracy and to the forces of out-of-state
    campaign financing.

    5)        Restore United States monetary independence by returning responsibility for control
    over our U.S. money back to our United States Congress. Replace the Federal Reserve
    Notes with U.S. Treasury Notes similar to what was being accomplished by President
    Kennedy's Executive Order 11110 when it was issued on June 4, 1963, before his

    6)        Protect alternative health care rights. Bring down health care costs by improving the
    health of the people through better pollution detection and control and by protecting
    alternative health care rights as called for in such bills presented in the 110th Congress as
    H.R. 3394  and  H.R. 3395, the `Health Freedom Act'.

    7)        Pass a Constitutional Compliance Law. All future proposed Federal Government
    legislation should comply with Constitutional law in agreement with Supreme Court rulings
    that uphold the Constitution's laws and with the proposed legislation, H.R. 450, that would
    require constitutional compliance.

    8)        Trade Agreement and Treaty Reform. Rather than to make Free Trade Agreements
    that only benefit international corporations and the dictators of oppressed people, the IAP
    calls for trade agreement reform that respects the rights of the people and sovereignty of
    all nations concerned. Free Trade is only good when it is with equally free states, not with
    nations whose people are exploited under oppression in factories for corporate profits.

    The USA became a great and prosperous industrial nation because, we had free trade
    between equally free states. If one of our states offered concessions to business that
    suppressed people's rights to environmental health or to organize in labor unions, many
    factories would be established in that state to take advantage of the conditions for the
    profits to be made by cheaper production. This would result in the loss of factories and
    jobs in the other states. This would obviously be bad for the economy of the people who
    lost jobs. It is obviously wrong that our nation should lose factories and jobs to other nations
    where the people are not equally protected in their rights. Because of our bad trade
    agreements with nations that do not protect citizen's rights, many of our factories and jobs
    have shut down or moved to those nations for their cheaper production.

    We cannot be an independent nation without the factories to provide for our needs. If we
    now suddenly stop trade with those nations that are under oppression, we could feel the
    loss until our factories are restored. Therefore, our best move is to first bring our factories
    back by passing the Fair Tax Act. Through this tax relief on our domestic production, there
    will be a great incentive for investments in domestic enterprise and we will again become
    an independent and prosperous nation.

    9)        Establish Citizens Investment Trust Accounts. Citizens within every state and small
    governmental jurisdiction need to establish a Citizens Investment Trust Account or CITA for
    the purpose of generating investment returns to reduce the need for public taxes. The funds
    to begin each CITA can be found through CAFR audits. CAFR or Comprehensive Annual
    Financial Report audits (best performed by certified financial auditors) show where
    available public funds can be found to be invested to produce CITA investment returns. The
    funds from these investment returns can then be used for government operations to reduce
    the need for public taxes at both the local and federal level of government. CAFR audits
    show that such a method of generating investment returns for tax rate reduction is possible.

    10)       Reform the Personhood status of corporations. The IAP calls for an amendment to
    the Constitution for the purpose of overturning Federal Court decisions that have endowed
    artificial entities with personhood. Through Federal Court endowment of personhood,
    artificial or legal entities, such as corporations, receive the same protection for rights as
    are guaranteed to natural persons by the Bill of Rights. Thus, they are seen to be legally
    equal to natural persons.

    On January 21, 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court, in a landmark decision that called any ban
    on the purchase of political advertising a restraint of free speech, overturned an existing
    law that limited political spending by labor and big business.

    By seeing these organized entities as being endowed with personhood and, therefore,
    eligible to the protection of rights the same as individual citizens, the Supreme Court lifted
    restrictions on what corporations and labor organizations may invest to sway voters in
    federal elections. By the decision, both groups and other groups now have free rein to pour
    in large amounts of money for support of their agenda in all 50 states.

    The ruling leaves in place a prohibition on direct contributions to candidates from
    corporations and unions. The decision removes limits on independent expenditures that
    are not coordinated with candidates' campaigns. The court ruling will likely boost the role of
    special interest groups in politics.

    If corporate persons no longer had first amendment right of free speech, we could prohibit
    all corporate political activity. They would not be giving contributions to candidates or
    parties or for lobbying.

    Because they now have legal personhood status, corporations are like superhumans with
    all the advantages and no disadvantages. They have infinite lifespans giving them time to
    accumulate wealth and power forever. It is an artificially elevated status for a small number
    of people. The special interests of those who work under the umbrella of an artificial entity
    having legal personhood with superhuman advantages, should not be allowed to promote
    any political agenda of corruption or of anything else.

    “It has been thought that government is a compact between those who govern and those
    who are governed; but this cannot be true, because it is putting the effect before the cause;
    for as man must have existed before governments existed, there necessarily was a time
    when governments did not exist, and consequently there could originally exist no governors
    to form such a compact with. The fact therefore must be, that the individuals themselves,
    each in his own personal and sovereign right, entered into a compact with each other to
    produce a government: and this is the only mode in which governments have a right to
    arise, and the only principle on which they have a right to exist.”
    (Thomas Paine, in his work of 1791 called The Rights of Man)

    Americans such as this believe that any artificial entity or institution that is made up by
    humans, from governments to churches to corporations, is rightfully subordinate to
    individual living people in terms of the rights and powers held by the institution.


           Through the Independent American campaign for America of recruiting and uniting the spirit
    of Independent Americans, the Independent American political influence will grow and be

           We, the people of this nation, either learn to stand together, or the corruption of our law will
    prevail against us in a growing oppression.

           Every American is invited and encouraged to join this campaign for America as outlined
    here at and at

           You can become an IAP Precinct Organizer and/or IAP member by downloading the
    membership application form HERE. This form can be used by IAP Precinct Organizers for

          United We Stand, In God We Trust

           An Independent American
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          We also promote for repeal of the 16th Amendment and the elimination of the
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    this factual concept of needed tax reform .
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