IAP–FAB 110312                                                    March 12, 2011

                          IAP Campaign For America

            For A New Birth of Freedom with Zero Taxes and No IRS

           The Independent American Party joins with those who promote passage of
    the Fair Tax Act which is H.R. 25 in the U.S. House of Representatives.

           As with excise taxes, the consumer has the power to avoid the federal tax by
    choosing to not purchase the new product or service. For instance, say that a
    great number of Americans would choose to become totally independent of the
    need to purchase anything that is taxable under the Fair Tax. Those who reside
    under one roof or on the same property could produce their own needs and give
    to each other without price what each is in need of without the burden of paying
    federal taxes.

           This degree of independence would not take place all at once but, over time,
    independent minded people could learn to develop their independence and
    avoid the purchase of most everything that is taxable under the Fair Tax. This
    transition toward independence within the population would be slow enough to
    have little immediate effect on Government revenue.

           As this desire for independence grows and begins to have an influence on
    federal revenue, what would the Federal Government need to do in order to
    maintain a balanced operating budget?

           There are three good answers for this.

           The obvious answer is to cut government operating expenses to match
    government revenue.

           One answer has always been in the Constitution. Any revenue shortfall for
    Federal Government operating needs can be made up by collecting from the
    states in proportion to the state populations as the Constitution has always
    provided. The U.S. Congress would only need to agree on the assessment while
    in consideration of some states that might be too far in dept to pay anything.

           The best answer of all is to altogether eliminate raising revenue for
    government operations through any of the before mentioned methods of taxation.
    Rather than to raise government revenue through some method of taxation,
    replace all methods of taxation for raising government revenue with revenue that
    is raised through Tax Retirement Funds in accordance to plans of the Tax
    Retirement Fund Association.

           The Independent American Party supports the Fair Tax Act along with the
    establishment of Tax Retirement Funds. When working together in combination,
    they both provide the best possible stimulus for the American economy.
    Together, they will work to restore our American free enterprise economy and
    then pave the way to reduce the tax rate of the Fair Tax toward a zero percent tax

           The Tax Retirement Fund will make it possible to reduce and replace the
    need for taxes received from the people for government operations with revenue
    received from the Tax Retirement Fund. Rather than to raise government revenue
    through taxation, the American people can see their taxes reduced to a tax rate
    of zero percent by raising needed government revenue through Tax Retirement
    Funds in accordance with the plans of the Tax Retirement Fund Association.

           Many people debate the issue of the need of raising taxes on corporations
    and on people who are earning more than $250,000 in a year. Any taxes that are
    imposed on people who make profit from the production of goods and services
    are never paid and will never be paid by those people. Those people will simply
    maintain their profits by raising the prices on their products or services. Those
    taxes, then, are never paid by those corporations or people, but are passed on in
    the higher prices to the consumer and classified as hidden taxes. In the final
    analysis, it is only the consumer who pays the cost and the tax. With the Fair Tax,
    all such hidden taxes are removed. We will all pay the visible tax, which is also
    the only tax, at the final point of consumer purchase. With the Fair Tax, the voting
    population will no longer pay hidden taxes. All taxes will now be visible which will
    enable voters to be wiser at election time.

           Michael Reagan quoted his father, President Ronald Reagan, with these
    words: “We need true tax reform that will at least make a start toward restoring
    for our children the American Dream that wealth is denied to no one, that each
    individual has the right to fly as high as his strength and ability will take him... But
    we cannot have such reform while our tax policy is engineered by people who
    view the tax as a means of achieving changes in our social structure."

           Michael Reagan continued in expressing his confidence that his father also
    would have supported passage of the Fair Tax Act.

           The Fair Tax, when used in combination with the Tax Retirement fund, has
    many points in its favor. The passage of the Fair Tax Act is the best way to go to
    rebuild our economy and free the American people from the IRS. The Fair Tax
    will remove the tax burden from all investments and capital gains to promote the
    industrial development that is needed to grow our economy and provide the time
    to transition away from the unsustainable socialism that this nation now faces. It
    has been estimated that with the economic benefits of the Fair Tax, we could
    soon see 15 trillion dollars in new investments and business come flowing into
    this country.

           The Fair Tax also provides a prebate benefit to those who apply that is
    designed to reimburse the taxes paid on the basic necessities of life such as the
    tax on food. For those who do apply for the prebate, it will essentially eliminate
    the expense of sales taxes on the necessities of life on that part of income that is
    below the family size adjusted poverty line. When the Fair Tax tax rate
    decreases, the amount of the prebate will also decrease.

           The Fair Tax is a flat rate consumption tax and is the same for everyone
    across the board like excise taxes. Through the benefits of the Tax Retirement
    Funds, the flat rate can be re-adjustable down for a new year. It will be variable to
    meet each years needs. Since there will no longer be hidden taxes and everyone
    will be aware of the tax that they pay, every voter will become more interested in
    the issue of the tax rate and the political pressure to see the tax rate go down will

           According to financial numbers disclosed through the Tax Retirement Fund
    Association web site, a consumption tax, such as is the Fair Tax, will one day in
    the foreseeable future become reduced  to a tax rate of zero. When the Tax
    Retirement Funds generate the financial returns as expected, as has been
    proven practical based on past and present performance of corporate stock
    investment returns, the need for tax collections will become zero.

           The creation of many Tax Retirement Funds across the nation can satisfy
    the revenue needs of every taxing authority in every state and city.

           The Independent American Party calls upon IAP members and all who work
    for the law and order of the Constitution to join with and promote this Campaign
    For America for the purpose of, along with support for the Fair Tax Act, making it
    a primary objective to promote and support the creation of Tax Retirement Funds
    in harmony with suggestions of the Tax Retirement Fund Association.

           The Independent American Party invites all Americans to be an influence to
    help achieve this rebirth of freedom for our nation. Join in this IAP Campaign For
    America. Become a leader and let's make good things happen.

           One way to help achieve these reforms that will restore the economy of
    America and establish a new birth of freedom is to share this message with

           Principles, issues and reforms supported by the Independent America Party
    can be seen on the Independent American Party web site.

           We Stand For Principles Over Politics.

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