IAP Bulletin 101216                                                  December 16, 2010

                             Campaign For America

             On Issues of Bureaucracy Oversight and Restraint

    IAP Freedom Alert - Bulletin 101216

    Purpose: To establish greater oversight and restraint by Congress over the
    FDA and other bureaucracy.

           The Independent American Party (IAP) Campaign for America fights
    corruption in Government to restore our American republic to its proper
    path of power, independence and individual liberty that befits any nation
    whose people unite in a Pledge of Allegiance as One Nation under God.

           The IAP opposes the corrupt Government policy that has engulfed our
    United States in an unsustainable economy. The IAP calls for reforms that
    will restore our economy to the free enterprise vitality that it ought to be.

           Other reforms called for by the IAP Campaign for America concern our
    Government's corrupt action that is essentially a power grab over our food
    supply. A bill in the U. S. Senate called S. 510 or the FDA Food Safety
    Modernization Act was passed in opposition to freedom loving Americans.
    The Act greatly expands the power of government over all food producers
    even in areas that have always had the greatest food safety record
    including small farms and producers of natural fresh foods.

           The Senate bill, S. 510, was passed on November 30. However, to the
    relief of freedom loving Americans, the bill seemed to be dead due to a
    procedures violation, the procedure being that the bill should have
    originated in the House. The Lame Duck Session of Congress was running
    out of time to accomplish their power grab over our food supply.

           Regardless of this Government agenda setback, the corrupt politicians
    in Government have not stopped in their attempt to greatly increase their
    control over the American people and the food supply of the American
    people. To achieve their evil designs, the politicians in control of the House
    succeeded in piggybacking their version of S. 510 on the back of House bill
    H.R. 3082, also known as the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and
    Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010. The Senate is then presented
    with this bill it had previously voted on and passed, but now piggybacked
    on the bill to finance the needs of our military and veterans.

           Government power over the American people has been growing and
    manifest in many areas of bureaucracy such as through the Food and Drug
    Administration or FDA. The IAP takes defensive action and opposes giving
    any government bureaucracy more power to control people including our
    food as S. 510 would accomplish. The IAP recognizes that the FDA has a
    proper roll to perform, but also recognizes that the FDA is in need of
    greater oversight and restraint by Congress.

           In addition to IAP defensive action in opposition to Government
    corruption such as would be increased under Senate bill S. 510, the IAP
    Campaign for America also takes offensive action. The IAP opposes the
    corruption of bureaucracy by promoting reforms that establish greater
    Congressional oversight and laws to restrain the bureaucracy that it has
    created, including that of the FTC and the FDA.

           The FDA has a history of corruption. There is much in testimony that
    provides evidence that natural herbs and foods provide a better quality of
    life and health than can, in many cases, be obtained through expensive
    drug prescriptions and the treatment recommended by modern medicine.
    Through the power of bureaucracy, such testimony has been suppressed
    in courts of law. This happens because of the greed and corruption for the
    want of money and the associated influence to protect large investments.

           In matters of health, the American people want freedom.

           Do you support freedom?

           Do you support freedom of choice?

           Do you support government functioning in a manner that the framers
    of the Constitution intended?

           If so, then -
           Your Support is needed for the following bills in Congress:

    1)        HR 3394 Freedom of Health Speech Act

    2)        HR 3395 Health Freedom Act

    3)        HR 3396 Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act

           We urge you to contact your Representatives (by phone, e-mail, and
    letter). Ask them to put their full support behind these pieces of legislation.

           To find your Representative, go to:  

           The links above will provide you with a contact site, phone numbers,
    and mailing addresses. Please use all methods to contact Representatives
    and Senators.

    Bill Descriptions:

    1)        HR 3395 The Health Freedom Act.

           This bill removes FDA’s power of prior restraint over all nutrient-
    disease relationship claims. Under the bill, FDA may not prohibit any
    statement concerning a nutrient affecting a disease (including treatment
    effects) from being made in the market and may only act against a
    statement once made if it possesses clear and convincing evidence that
    the statement is false.

           Presently FDA blocks an enormous quantity of truthful information
    concerning the effects of nutrients and foods on disease from reaching
    consumers. That barrier is removed by the Health Freedom Act, but the Act
    preserves the power of the government to prosecute those who
    communicate falsehood.

           The essential purpose of the First Amendment is to disarm the federal
    government of the power to impose a prior restraint on speech. The FDA
    has imposed a prior restraint for decades to the health detriment of the
    public. Passage of the Health Freedom Act will restore constitutional
    governance by reasserting the supremacy of the First Amendment over the
    Food and Drug Administration.

    2)        HR 3394 The Freedom of Health Speech Act.

           This bill prevents the Federal Trade Commission from taking action
    against any advertiser that communicates a health benefit for a product
    unless the FTC first establishes based on clear and convincing evidence
    that the statement made is false and that its communication causes harm to
    the public.

           Presently, the FTC reverses the Fifth Amendment burden of proof on
    the government when it charges advertisers with deceptive advertising and
    then demands that they prove their speech true based on
    contemporaneously held documentation or be deemed to have advertised

           The Fifth Amendment requires that FTC bear the burden of proving
    advertising deceptive. It may not constitutionally shift the burden to the
    advertiser to prove its statements not deceptive.

           The First Amendment requires that FTC not act against speech unless
    the speech is provably false. It may not constitutionally accuse a party of
    false advertising yet lack proof that the advertising is false and condemn
    advertising based on an absence of documentation concerning the truth of
    the statement rather than the presence of evidence establishing the falsity
    of the statement.

    3)        HR 3396 The Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act.

           This bill prohibits regulations promulgated from regulatory agencies
    from going into effect unless passed into law by Congress in the way in
    which the Constitution designates.

           Under Article I of the Constitution, the Congress of the United States,
    our elected representatives, are the ones given the exclusive power to
    make laws. In violation of the non-delegation doctrine, about 90% of all law
    created by the federal government is the product of unelected heads of
    bureaucratic agencies, not our elected representatives.

           From 1934 to the present, the Congress of the United States has
    delegated executive, legislative, and judicial governing power to these
    agencies. The founding fathers warned that this combination would give
    birth to tyranny, self-dealing, and corruption and would be the death of
    liberty. Because the unelected bureaucracy makes the laws, the nation has
    been transformed from a republic into a bureaucratic oligarchy.

           Congressman Ron Paul’s Congressional Responsibility and
    Accountability Act restores constitutional government by returning to
    Congress the responsibility to make laws, thereby making them once again
    accountable for the laws to those who elect them.

           In God We Trust
           Independent American Party
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