IAP Bulletin 101111                                                  November 11, 2010

                            Campaign For America
                          On Issues Of Tax and Reform

           Our national economy is in trouble from the costs of socialism,
    trade deficits, debt and an oppressive tax system. Those who recognize
    these problems know that without accomplishing reforms that will fix
    these problems, our constitutional law and order could disintegrate
    when too many people become desperate in their poverty. Our
    American society could then fall into the hands of some leader who
    would promise to restore law and order, but in the process give us a
    very different system of government such as what they have in China or

           When politicians are elected and go to Washington, D.C., they
    often become corrupted and are more likely to serve the special
    interests of those who control our money than to serve the nation and
    the law of the Constitution that they were obliged under oath to defend.
    Those who have taken control of our money have a great influence
    over American citizens through their ability to purchase media bias and
    through the oppressive influence of the Internal Revenue Service that
    puts American citizens under the burden of over 3.4 million words of tax
    rules that have crippled our free enterprise economy.

           Everyone who takes the time to read the tax code of our federal
    tax system will recognize that it is written so that most Americans cannot
    correctly follow what the law says without paying for help. Our United
    States Congress has perpetrated this broken tax system by voting for
    the expenditure of our tax dollars to pay the IRS for finding and
    prosecuting citizens who have not paid the taxes.

           Many people, including those serving in Congress, agree that our
    present tax system is oppressive to our American free enterprise and is
    a major reason why our nation's industry and jobs have gone to other
    countries such as China.

           The enemies of America promote our nation's downfall by
    promoting argument and opinion to discourage the public unity that will
    be helpful in achieving the reforms we need. They use every argument
    to prevent any tax reform that would eliminate the IRS and its power of
    direct taxation. The argument against returning back to the
    Constitution's original tax law is valid in recognition that we have poor
    states and comparatively rich states that has little to do with their
    population numbers. The Constitution's original tax law called for
    dividing the tax burden between each of the states proportional to the
    population of each state. Most people will agree that the problem with
    this original tax law in today's reality is that a state with a large
    population can also be a very poor state and not able to pay its
    assessment based on population numbers. Because of this argument,
    the Representatives in Congress are not likely to agree to return to the
    Constitution's original taxing law.

           However, a better tax law has been developed that is called the
    Fair Tax. The Fair Tax scores favorably in comparison with the original
    intent of the Constitution, because both the Fair Tax and the
    Constitution's original tax law eliminate the IRS and the power of
    government to directly tax or rob from Peter to pay Paul. The Fair Tax
    also scores favorably in comparison with the rights of man in the
    Declaration of Independence by the reasoning that while the original tax
    law called for taxing each state in proportion to each state's population
    numbers, the Fair Tax maintains the right of each individual citizen to
    decide if and when the federal tax is to be paid.

           The Independent American Party invites America to unite behind
    the Fair Tax for the return of America's free enterprise prosperity and
    for the freedom from IRS and government control.

           The many problems faced by the American people include a lack
    of unity among the voting population for support of the reforms that are
    needed to fix our unsustainable national debt.

           On the one hand, we have many millions of entitlement dependent
    Americans who are afraid of any thought of losing the entitlements they
    depend on.

           On the other hand, we have millions of Americans who want to
    return to the days of original cost of constitutional government, days
    that provided little support for sustaining the lives of the millions of
    Americans who have become dependent on federal benefits.

           The Independent American Party calls for the compromise that
    includes the reforms that will fix and sustain the economic integrity of
    our society and the laws of our Constitution. The Independent American
    Party calls for tax reform that will return power to the people. The
    Independent American Party calls for reforms that will provide
    transitional support for the entitlements that millions of Americans now
    depend on until the people's trust in God for their necessities of life is
    again seen as preferable to the oppression that comes through trusting
    in unsustainable government promises.

           History and the reason of logic both agree that freedom is lost and
    oppression comes to every society when the people vote to put their
    trust and dependence in the promises of government politicians. First
    comes dependence, then comes the reality of the unsustainable
    promises that cannot be kept in the bad economy. When the bad
    economy causes increasing poverty and crime, the decline of law and
    order could develop into increasing public desperation. In desperation,
    people could become susceptible to the leadership of those who
    promise security, but plan on the establishment of dictatorship and
    tyranny. Such leaders do not act in defense of the Constitution's laws.

           The Independent American Party encourages every American to
    promote respect for law and order and especially for the political
    process by which we elect good people to Congress who will establish
    the reforms needed to preserve and strengthen our American republic.
    If we fail to maintain respect for the leadership of those who defend law
    and order under the rule of our United States Constitution or we allow
    our law and order to collapse or to be overthrown because of some
    excuse for emergency, it will become much more difficult to return our
    country to its proper direction.

           To achieve the reforms that are needed to preserve the freedom
    and economy of America, share with everyone this and other
    Independent American Party messages as seen at this www.iapcofc.net
    and at www.usiap.org web sites. Promote and support the Independent
    American Party campaign for election ballot access in every state so
    that Independent American Party candidates who support these needed
    reforms will appear on the election ballots for 2012 and beyond.

           To join in this IAP effort and cause for America, go to the IAP home
    web site at www.usiap.org and contact your State or Region
    Coordinator found by entering the "State Organizations" menu.

           In God We Trust

           Independent American Party
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