For this country to return to the land of Opportunity that it once was, we
    must support those who have the integrity to speak up against the oppressive
    IRS tax system.  Support the efforts of  politicians like former  Senator Byron
    Dorgan and all who have the courage to bring these issues to the attention of
    their fellow Americans as exemplified by those in these youtube videos :

           The following information is quoted from a email message:

           "Consider what our Federal Government bureaucrats can do using the
    Income Tax system."

           "They know everything about you...where you live, where you are employed,
    how much income you earn, what you own, how you spend your money, your
    family relationships, the businesses you are involved in, and who your tax advisor

           "They take a portion of your earnings before you receive anything. If you
    work for wages, they require your employer to withhold a substantial portion of
    your earnings as deductions. This money is sent to an IRS bank account."

           "They make a promise to you that they cannot keep. Your Social Security
    and Medicare deductions are spent the day they are received. There is no
    dedicated "Trust Fund" where this money goes. The government promises to
    give you Social Security and Medicare benefits sometime in the future, yet they
    are already telling you that they cannot meet these obligations."

           "They can and will tax your investments. Obamacare will be applying a 3.8%
    tax on investment income."

           "They can tax what you own. Growing numbers of tax liens are the
    consequence of disputes with the IRS, resulting in the loss of individual

           "They can tax what you receive in the way of gifts. The inheritance tax and
    gift tax rules are complex and growing."

           "Now they can even tax you for doing nothing.  Obamacare  can impose
    a penalty if you should choose not to buy health insurance."

           End of Quote

           Click HERE to read more reasons why the Fair Tax elimination of the IRS is
    needed for America. This is one more article that represents the increasing
    American opinion that speaks up against the power of the IRS.

           Click HERE to read more reasons why America needs to stop the IRS
    strangulation of our industry and jobs.

           The IRS can best be stopped through a Tax system that abolishes the IRS
    system of direct taxation. With the Fair Tax, there will be no IRS system of direct
    taxation to provide politicians with power to create tax laws that totally ignore our
    unalienable right of economic freedom and right to be treated equal under the
    law. With the Fair Tax, there will be development of our free enterprise industry
    with jobs and prosperity.

           What reason would any special interest group have in opposing tax reform
    that calls for the elimination of the power of the IRS to control our society and to
    oppress our economy? Consider the time of Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev's
    visit to our United States in 1959 when the communist plan to overthrow the
    American people had been given some publicity.  There are several reports that
    refer to more than one occasion in which Khrushchev said words such as this:

           "Your grandchildren will live under communism. You Americans are so
    gullible.  No, you won't accept communism outright.  But, we will keep feeding
    you small doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find you already have
    communism. We won't have to fight you. We will so weaken your economy until
    you fall like overripe fruit into our hands."

           Federal Government bureaucrats promote policy that brings poverty
    because, poverty leads people into dependency on the hand that promises to
    feed and help them. Through poverty, people become more susceptible to the
    beast of oppression.

           Michael Reagan gave his confident opinion that if his father, President
    Ronald Reagan, had known about the Fair Tax, he would have supported it. He
    quoted a statement made by his father in these words:

           “We need true tax reform that will at least make a start toward restoring for
    our children the American Dream that wealth is denied to no one, that each
    individual has the right to fly as high as his strength and ability will take him... But
    we cannot have such reform while our tax policy is engineered by people who
    view the tax as a means of achieving changes in our social structure."

           The people of this nation either must learn to stand together in the great
    American cause of liberty, or the corruption of the laws our Constitution will
    prevail against us in a growing oppression that will transform us into a far
    different society.

           America was built through trust in God and in the laws of our United States
    Constitution. We trust not in any man made government that is against the liberty
    of the people as protected by the laws of the United States Constitution.

           Through the Independent American Party's Campaign For America of
    recruiting the spirit of Independent Americans, the Independent American
    influence will grow.

           Every American can share information and help promote our Independent
    American message for life and liberty. Join our campaign for America engaged in
    at and here at One convenient way to
    join is on the above web site or you can become an IAP member by clicking  
    HERE  to download a membership form. This form can be used by anyone and
    all IAP Precinct Organizers for recruiting.

           We encourage every American to participate in this campaign for America.
    Every American can do something to help restore our freedom to achieve
    prosperity and our freedom from control under IRS taxation simply by joining the
    IAP campaign for America and telling someone about our voteiap message.  

           For The Cause of Freedom
           The Independent American
           Campaign For America

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                                      Vote Against Economic Slavery                
                                         Vote For Life and Liberty
       Vote Against IRS Oppression and Economic Strangulation

           Beginning about one hundred years ago, a fact of life became part of our
    American society. Our Federal Government assumed the power to engage in and
    to manage redistribution of wealth.

           Even though the Republicans are calling for smaller government, they do not
    call for the elimination of the assumed power. No politician could seriously think to
    win the vote by calling for the elimination of the economic foundation that a
    majority of people depend on.

           There is a difference between economic bondage and economic slavery.
    You are under a condition of economic slavery when the IRS Income Tax law
    directly forces you to pay a tax for my needs. You are under a condition of
    economic bondage when your needs are dependent on the Government's
    redistribution of wealth.

           It is easier for our USA to eliminate the conditions of economic slavery than it
    is to eliminate the conditions of economic bondage. Economic slavery can be
    eliminated simply by abolishing the IRS Income Tax law that directly forces you to
    pay the tax.

           We the people of the USA have great need to stand up and speak up for
    freedom and against the oppressive income tax system that America was free of
    until 1913 when the 16th Amendment became recognized as our law.

           The thousands of pages of politically motivated income tax regulations in
    concert with bad trade agreements have led to the economic strangulation and
    loss of much of our American industry and jobs.

           We The People need to vote for a tax system that upholds our right to be
    free and equal in agreement with our Declaration of Independence. We need to
    stand united for America's principles of good government as advocated on the
    web site of the Independent America Party .

           The solutions to our problems involve returning to the wisdom of our nation's
    Founders. Independent American candidates understand America's needs. They
    believe in liberty as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. They
    understand that our laws of liberty in our Constitution exist only for a people who
    trust in God as our creator.

           We The People need to elect people who believe that our liberty must be
    made secure by following the laws of the Constitution as intended by our
    Founding Fathers. The corruption of our two major party system needs to be
    trimmed down.
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