Kansas Invitation To A Party
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National IAP and The Kansas IAP
The Independent American Party

The IAP Stands In Honor of The Declaration of Independence
- American Liberty Is Inseparably Connected To Our Motto
"In God We Trust" -
In The Cause of Liberty, Honor Our
National Motto  and  National Heritage

         Beware of the Agenda 21 agenda against mankind's unalienable
    rights that too often manifests itself at all levels of government.

    Fellow Americans,

           William Penn of Pennsylvania said, “If we will not be governed by God, we
    must be governed by tyrants.”

           In those days of the founding of our United States, to be governed by God meant
    to be governed by the word of God as in Jesus Christ and the Ten Commandments.

           While a lack of having the will for self control can turn people toward actions of
    crime that robs innocent people of their rights, belief in accidental evolution gives evil
    people an excuse to not only assume the right to rob innocent people of their rights but,
    to work at overthrowing our laws of liberty within our United States Constitution. They
    believe in working to achieve control over what they believe is the accidental evolution
    of earth's populations and all life. This is the bottom line intent of United Nations plans
    for global control such as Agenda 21.

           The general population of a nation needs to be governed by God, otherwise
    people will live with increasing crime and corruption until they come to prefer security
    under the unconstitutional tyranny of big government.

           To promote the faith that people need to be governed by God, one way to do this
    is to stand up for truth. Stand up against the theories of accidental life and evolution.

           Also, people need to understand that a tactic of the enemy of liberty is to enslave
    the people by getting them dependent on government administered socialism. This is a
    tactic to win the vote of the people away from their liberty that is under the laws of the
    Constitution and of God's commandments. Corrupt people work to win the vote of
    the people with promises of security through state controlled socialism. Such socialism
    is not economically sustainable for very long. When the economy crashes, it becomes
    more difficult overcoming the agenda for population control and reduction.

           Have you ever considered why there are people in all political parties who might
    give lip service in support of our rights, but the result of their actions prove to be against
    our rights -- rights that are recognized in our nation's Declaration of Independence and
    written into the laws of our United States Constitution? The reason could be that there
    are two opposing views at work, views either for or against maintaining our rights.

           Many people seek to ensure a sustainable future for themselves and their like
    minded kind by establishing a controlled civilization with greatly suppressed human
    rights. People who support this view think that if freedom is allowed to continue, such
    as recognized and defended by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution
    of the United States, the quality of life on earth will be unsustainable.

           On the other hand, the traditional American view maintains hope for freedom and
    for the future of our freedom loving civilization. People of faith hold to the hope that the
    American people will meet all of their challenges successfully by having enough trust
    in the word of God to stand up for their unalienable rights as recognized in the
    Declaration of Independence and defended by the laws of our Constitution. There are
    atheists who also choose to stand up for the cause of liberty within the unalienable
    rights of man along with the many people who believe in the word of God.

           Most of liberty's enemies believe in accidental evolution, or, bottom line, most of
    liberty's enemies are people who have no faith in the word of God. As such, they have
    no proper love for life or for the Creator of life. They simply believe that if you and I are
    allowed to continue in liberty, we will consume earth's limited resources and be
    unsustainable for our future civilization. Since they believe that life is nothing more than
    an accident, they have no anchor for absolute truth or for absolute right and wrong. The
    only truth they believe in is whatever can work to serve their purpose. People who
    believe that our world is nothing more than a result of accidental evolution, simply can
    not be trusted. As such, they believe that the success of the likes of Agenda 21, that
    works for the overthrow of our constitutional laws of liberty, is worth any lie or deception
    that will fool the general population into giving up their God given rights.

           They think they serve a worthwhile cause when supporting United Nations plans for
    global population control such as Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. These are related
    plans to establish tyrannical control to accomplish their idea for a sustainable future,
    sustainable especially for the tyrants or ruling class of the population. In their tyrannical
    plans for population control, the future of the civilization of man is a future that is being
    designed to replace the need for man with robots.

           The Independent American Party is a party that knows that in order to secure our
    unalienable rights, we need to promote both the law and the will for self control. The
    Independent American Party is the best political party for preserving our rights as they
    were declared in the Declaration of Independence and intended by the laws of the
    United States Constitution.

           American patriots of the Independent American Party paint America's patriots
    of our constitutional laws with the color of liberty under the red, white and blue of our
    national flag.

          Who other than enemies of liberty would try to paint America's patriots of
    constitutional law and order with the label of being enemy #1.  

           What can be the motive to paint a label on America's patriots of liberty with
    a label other than the label of encouragement and respect, and the label of
    belief in liberty championed in the Declaration of Independence and written in
    constitutional law? Only enemies of liberty would try to paint the defenders of
    the laws of our Constitution with the label of terrorist or threat to national
    security? Also see here and here and here and here and here and here and
    here and etc and etc and even here.

           The IAP is a party that recognizes that our nation, our liberty and the general well
    being of the American people depends on our trust in God, even as it has been
    recognized and caused to be written on all of our money. Also, the IAP is a party that
    firmly supports freedom of religion as protected by the 1st Amendment. The IAP is a
    party that defends the rights of one and all to believe, speak and assemble as they
    choose as long as the rights of others to equal protection under the law is secure.

           It is better to be governed by God and to believe in expressions of truth, such as in
    the logic of life and creation, rather than to believe in accidental evolution in
    agreement with those who choose to support the tyranny of increasing population
    control with goals as described HERE and in Agenda 21.

           The enemies of liberty think America's patriots are foolish, especially those
    patriots who consider expressions as in the logic of life and creation that support
    living for God's blessings and miracles as promised in Matthew 6:30 - 33.

            It is as William Penn said, "If we will not be governed by God, we must be
    governed by tyrants". William Penn was not the only one of our nation's Founding
    Fathers who made such statements concerning the need of the American people to
    have this anchor for liberty in order keep it.

           When considering the kind and condition of government that can maintain a
    civilization of free people, such statements of logical truth from our nation's
    Founding Fathers are quite commonplace.

           Lack of faith in God and in His Son, Jesus Christ, contributes to choices that
    people make that are destructive to liberty. While crime robs people of rights, belief in
    accidental evolution gives evil people an excuse, not only to break the law, but to
    overthrow our laws of liberty that are written in our United States Constitution. They
    believe in achieving control over what they consider to be the accidental evolution of
    the world's population and environment. This is the bottom line intent of United Nations
    plans such as Agenda 21.

           As we remain true to our National Motto and live with dependence on God rather
    than on government, we will be privileged to participate in winning the war that is being
    waged against our laws of liberty that are written in the United States Constitution. It is
    only through living with trust in God that the blessings of liberty are sustainable. When a
    nation has its beginning in liberty and turns away from trust in God, the specter of a
    population with wants and corruption that are unsustainable soon becomes the need
    and motivation for the tyranny of population control.

           People who believe that our unalienable rights come from God, as expressed in
    our Declaration of Independence, will oppose the world view logic that says liberty
    under the laws of the United States Constitution leads to an unsustainable future. Most
    American patriots will want to be sustainable with God and stand on the side of liberty
    through the self control of keeping God's commandments.

           Every American who cherishes liberty is encouraged to join with the Independent
    American Party. Let's stand united in recognition that our nation and our liberty can only
    be secured through living with faith in God and by following the laws of the United
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