The IAP Stands In Honor of The Declaration of Independence
- American Liberty Is Inseparably Connected To Our Motto
"In God We Trust" -
In The Cause of Liberty, Honor Our
National Motto  and  National Heritage

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    Fellow Americans,

           William Penn of Pennsylvania said, “If we will not be governed by God, we
    must be governed by tyrants.”

           When considering the kind and condition of government that can maintain a
    civilization of free people, William Penn's statement becomes recognized as a
    statement of logical truth. Our liberty depends on our will for self control.

           Perhaps most of liberty's enemies believe in the theory of life evolving from
    accidental evolution. Many think they serve a worthwhile cause when supporting the
    United Nations global plan for population control called Agenda 21. This is a plan to
    establish tyrannical control for a sustainable future, sustainable especially for the tyrants
    or ruling class of the population. The future in Agenda 21 is a future that is replacing
    the dignity of a man at work with robots.

           The enemies of liberty do not believe in the power of God, or that God rewards
    men according to their actions. They have little or no respect for life or for mankind's
    God given unalienable rights as expressed in the Declaration Of Independence.

           American patriots of the Independent American Party paint America's patriots
    of our constitutional laws with the color of liberty under the red, white and blue of our
    national flag.

          Who other than enemies of liberty would try to paint America's patriots of
    constitutional law and order with the label of being enemy #1.  What can be the
    motive to paint a label on America's patriots of liberty with a label other than
    the label of encouragement and respect, and the label of belief in liberty
    championed in the Declaration of Independence and written in constitutional
    law? Only enemies of liberty would try to paint the defenders of the laws of our
    Constitution with the label of terrorist or threat to national security? Also see
    here and here and here and here and here and here and here and etc and etc
    and even here.

           For the sake of the preservation of our liberty, every American would do well to
    support and become a member of a political party, such as this Independent American
    Party, that is built on the foundation of love and respect for the creations of God which
    include the Rights of all mankind as expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

           Stand up for liberty under Constitutional law. Support the Independent American
    Party and vote for Independent Americans who can be trusted to have respect for the
    rights of men to have liberty as declared in our American Declaration of Independence
    and intended under the laws of the U.S. Constitution.

           The IAP is a party that recognizes that our nation, our liberty and the general well
    being of the American people depends on our trust in God, even as it has been
    recognized and caused to be written on all of our money. Also, the IAP is a party that
    firmly supports freedom of religion as protected by the 1st Amendment. The IAP is a
    party that defends the rights of one and all to believe, speak and assemble as they
    choose as long as the rights of others to equal protection under the law is secure.

           It is better to choose belief in God and to consider expressions of truth such as in
    the logic of life and creation, that serves to promote liberty under God in agreement
    with our American Declaration of Independence, rather than to believe in accidental
    evolution in agreement with those who choose to support the tyranny of increasing
    population control with goals as described HERE and in Agenda 21.

           The enemies of liberty think America's patriots are foolish, especially those
    patriots who appreciate expressions as in the logic of life and creation that supports
    living and working for God's blessings as promised in Matthew 6:30 - 33.

            It is as William Penn said, "If we will not be governed by God, we must be
    governed by tyrants".

           As we remain true to our National Motto and live with dependence on God rather
    than on government, we will be privileged to participate in winning the war that is being
    waged against our laws of liberty that are written in the United States Constitution. It is
    only through living with trust in God that the blessings of liberty are sustainable. When a
    nation has its beginning in liberty and turns away from trust in God, the specter of a
    population with wants that are unsustainable soon becomes the motivation for the
    tyranny of population control.

           People who believe that our unalienable rights come from God, as expressed in
    our Declaration of Independence, will oppose the world view logic that says liberty
    under the laws of the United States Constitution leads to an unsustainable future. Most
    people will understand the truth and will want to be sustainable with God and stand on
    the side of liberty through keeping God's commandments.

           Every American who cherishes liberty is encouraged to join with the Independent
    American Party. Let's stand united in recognition that our nation and our liberty can only
    be secured through faith in God and by following the laws of the United States
    Constitution and honoring the oath to support and defend the United States

            For all future elections, vote Independent American. Vote Independent American
    for liberty to be secured under the law and order of the United States Constitution.

           Vote for repeal of the 16th Amendment, for abolishing the corrupt IRS income tax
    and establishing a tax code that will restore our American free enterprise economy.

           Vote for Independent Americans and consider being a candidate. Be one willing
    to run for election or even as a write-in candidate in a campaign against corruption.

           The Kansas IAP makes a stand against corruption in a campaign that includes a
    stand for faith as in the Logic of Life and Creation because, corruption grows when
    people do too little to oppose it.

           For Independent American candidate information, enter the following:

           Independent American candidate for President.  

           See Independent American candidate standards.

           Let's remember the many who were willing to give their all for the cause of liberty.
    Let's remember and honor our nation's veterans and others who, by reason of their
    recognition that the principles of liberty enshrined in the Declaration of
    Independence are at the foundation of all our nation's laws, are willing to stand in
    defense of the laws of the Constitution.

           Through corrupt political action, powerful unelected bureaucracies have been
    created, such as exists in the IRS, that were never intended to have the power to
    circumvent our rights of free enterprise or the law of the Constitution. The result is that
    the American people, who were once enabled through the power of freedom and free
    enterprise to establish the greatest and most prosperous nation on earth, are on the
    path of decline. The control that the IRS has over the people and economy can be
    overcome through tax reform such as with the Fair Tax. Tax reform must be
    accomplished if our American society is ever to have the chance to reestablish itself for
    the benefit of a thriving middle class. The best and surest way to accomplish this is
    through a new tax code.

           The Independent American Party promotes the public understanding that is
    needed to overcome the corruption that destroys our peace and liberty. We support the
    election of candidates who stand for what so very many have already been willing to
    live and die for, which is the law of the Constitution that, when followed, secures our
    peace and liberty.
           There are some politicians who serve corporate profits over American jobs.
    Whether it be Intentional or unintentional, these politicians have supported laws and
    policies that have served the interests of those who aim to destroy the jobs
    and wealth of the great American economic middle class. They serve the purpose
    of those who have a special interest in creating the poverty that will make people
    dependent on unsustainable Government spending.

    The enemy of American independence and liberty promotes policy that creates poverty.
    The enemy then gains the vote of the poor by promising to meet the needs of the poor.
    As the enemy gains the vote, the people have decreasing protection against the rise of tyranny.
                           The American Revolution against tyranny is not dead

    The IAP stands against tyranny as declared in the Declaration of Independence.
    The IAP stands against tyranny as written in the laws of the United States Constitution.
    The IAP stands against tyranny with free enterprise policy that promotes American Jobs.

           Who is the enemy of liberty? They are people who support population control and
    reduction or who are simply greedy for power.

           There are more reports than one that refer to the time in 1959 when Soviet
    Premier Nikita Khrushchev made these revealing comments to Secretary of
    Agriculture Benson: Within those comments he is reported to have made this
    statement, “Your grandchildren will live under communism. You Americans are so
    gullible. No, you won't accept communism outright. But, we will keep feeding you small
    doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find you already have communism. We
    won't have to fight you. We will so weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit
    into our hands."

           By knowing and caring for what is true, the American people can withstand the
    enemy that seeks the destruction of our American laws of liberty. The enemy has been
    at work setting the stage for more crime and disease through means such as
    economic policy and open borders. Such intentionally bad policy creates poverty
    and enables the spread of crime and disease which sets the stage for the
    manipulation of poverty .

           The bottom line of the truth referred to here is that the enemy of our American law
    and order continually and strategically seek to create poverty and a disregard for the
    need within our American society to be ruled by our Constitutional laws of liberty.

           When the American people vote for politicians who plot against American
    independence in favor of world law under the control of a United Nations "new world
    order", we can blame no one but ourselves when they hold open our nation's gates
    for invasion from persons who may have disease and be violent criminals. This gives
    our enemies the excuse they look for to further disregard the Constitutional rights of
    the American people in order to make us safer. They do it with the intentions of
    overthrowing the people's rule of law under the Constitution that unites us, even our law
    that has traditionally united us as "one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty
    and Justice for all" .

           Contrary to those who plot against our nation for the creation of a weakened
    economy and the conditions of poverty that come with it, the Independent American
    Party is a party of and for Americans who promote and support government policy that
    teaches the people how to live and prosper independent of the force of government

           For example, the Kansas IAP promotes policies and candidates in support of
    state and federal tax reform such as the Fair Tax Act that will abolish the power of the
    IRS to collect income taxes and engage in acts of social engineering as recently
    accused of. The Fair Tax Act is legislation that is now in Congress. The Fair Tax
    accomplishes the needed federal tax reform and serves to bring greater investments
    into American industry resulting in a great many new free enterprise job creations.

           A tax reform such as the Fair Tax Act is the right way to restore America's
    prosperous economy. Because of the present conditions of poverty with so many
    Americans in need of welfare assistance, the Fair Tax initial sales tax rate will be high.

           However, for the things we purchase, our total spending may actually be reduced
    due to the elimination of embedded taxes. An embedded tax is the increase in the cost
    of an item due to the expense in taxes that the producer of the item must pay. The
    expense of taxes is always passed on to the consumer. Only consumers pay taxes.
    Until the embedded taxes are eliminated, the initial high rate sale tax must be
    temporarily endured if we will have the heart of charity to maintain enough public
    assistance needed to ease the hardships of the unnecessary poverty created by the

           To answer the demands of both the laws of the Constitution and of an
    unsustainable national economy, all federal welfare programs must be strategically
    reduced. There must be an immediate freeze on benefits. Once the restoration of our
    free enterprise has been enabled by the Fair Tax with growing demands for labor and
    jobs for every skill level, all federal welfare programs can be phased out. When the
    economy revives along with the job market and more people are able to provide for
    their needs, the initial high tax rate can begin to be reduced and possibly even be
    reduced to zero. This is the best way and the right way to return America to its destiny
    of free enterprise and to its greatness in power and liberty under the laws of the United
    States Constitution.

         Stand with the IAP in the great American cause of liberty. Stand with the IAP
    against the plot to overthrow America through manipulating conditions of poverty and
    creating a new world order control grid of tyranny.

         The IAP opposes oppressive taxes and foreign trade agreements such as NAFTA
    that cause the loss of our American industry and jobs. When corporations in our USA
    consider their business of making profits (which they always do), they consider the
    greater profits to be made by using the factory facilities of foreign nations which enable
    them to reduce the expense of labor, the expense of our tax laws, and the expense of
    our domestic pollution control laws.

         The IAP supports tax reform, such as the Fair Tax Act provides, to help recover our
    lost USA factories and jobs. The Fair Tax abolishes the current tax code with its IRS
    authority to impose a direct and convoluted tax scheme on the American people and
    industry. The Fair Tax will turn loose our American free enterprise for a boom of
    investments into USA business ventures while at the same time it will help to pay for the
    needs and recovery of a dependent society that became dependent largely due to the
    loss of our job creating industry.

         For the preservation of our God given unalienable rights and for an independent
    America with freedom from tyranny, it is time to elect candidates who follow the spirit of
    the Declaration of Independence and the rule of law of the United States Constitution.
    Join with the IAP for an independent America made secure by honoring the laws of the
    United States Constitution.

           Stand up for America by supporting the IAP stand against the enemies of liberty.
    As we stand in support of our American constitutional laws and expose the Agenda 21
    motivation of the enemies of liberty, we will preserve liberty with our unalienable rights
    as expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

           For an aid in doing this, distribute the Campaign For Liberty post cards . Also,
    distribute the IAP Invitation 2 flyer .

         Independent Americans stand for liberty, law and order under the rule of the law of
    the United States Constitution. We stand for the cause of America as understood and
    intended by those whose sacrifices have secured the light of liberty for us to this day
    ever since that bright beginning of the American revolution around those years of the
    Declaration of Independence of 1776.

           The Pledge Of Allegiance  
       "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic
    for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

            Those who honor the above Pledge Of Allegiance and who would remain true to
    the implied oath of the pledge to stand in support of said Republic, are invited to join
    with the Independent American Party in the campaign for the preservation of our lives,
    our property and our constitutional laws that secure our rights.  

           For information to become an IAP member or IAP affiliated candidate, see
    contacts, come to a meeting, or go to the National IAP web site. Affiliated
    candidates are asked to complete the process to become an IAP affiliated

           Let's replace socialism with jobs and prosperity. Study the Fair Tax web site
    documents and videos that tell about freedom restored through the tax reform of the
    Fair Tax Act. :


           The Independent American Party (IAP) stands for law and order under the
    United States Constitution. It is this great document that provides the standard
    and the framework of laws that people can live by that enables so very many
    people to live together in liberty. As we follow the plain logic of the truth of
    God, as did Abraham Lincoln in his call for the political religion of our nation,
    liberty for mankind will not perish from the earth.

          We welcome your support and donations for the National Independent
    American Party.        

           For a printable pdf copy of this Independent American message, click HERE.
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